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  1. 14 mth old will not eat food-only nurse

    Does anyone else's toddler refuse to eat / drink? My 14 month old has never wanted to eat solids, she would rather nurse. I can get a spoonful of food in her mouth occasionally, she won't self feed,...
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    bf gymnastics

    does anyone have any ideas on how to get my 10 month old to settle while nursing? She has begun to flop like a fish and will not stay latched on. She is popping on and off and giggling the whole...
  3. Re: Solids affecting baby with reflux?

    My son had reflux too and when we introduced solids he had problems that the doc attributed to the reflux. The iron in the rice cereal, bananas and apples made him constipated. The doc just had me...
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    Re: cow's milk

    I pumped too and then began replacing my milk with cows milk little by little in the bottle/sippy. I took a few weeks and watched for the signs that he couldn't handle it before I incresed the cows...
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    Re: green beans

    You can steam or boil them until they are soft and then run them through a blender. I then usually pushed them through a seive (or a chinois=I don't knoew the spelling it looks like an upsidedown...
  6. how do you prepare babyfood meat?

    I am just introducing solids to my 6 month old. My first child refused to eat any meat I made him and still eats very little meat. I made all of my baby food for him and am planning on doing it for...
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    Re: feeding probs with 3 mth old

    I think that the growth spurt thing is more likely than reflux. My first baby and my two twin neices had severe reflux so I know what it looks like--unfortunately.

    I went to our local lactation...
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    feeding probs with 3 mth old

    My 3 month old has pulled a fast one on me and I need some advice. She was nursing happially every 2-3 hours and occasionally at night. We just got back from Puerto Rico where she demanded to nurse...
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    Re: cows milk

    She is 2 months. I can't eat any cheese or milk or she blows out diapers and is grumpy for 2 days. I love feta though and just want to know if anyone had any luck switching to sheeps milk products.
  10. Re: Breastmilk or Formula for a preemie?? Please help!

    I was in the same boat a few years ago with my son who was 7 week early. I was so tired after waking him up to feed on the breast, topping him off with bm, and then pumping to keep up my own supply....
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    Re: Help Weaning off Pump!!!!

    I had a similar problem because my son was premature and I pumped for 6 months and bottle fed him. I just started pumping less--SLOWLY. If I got 5 oz per side usually, I took only 4 for a week. Then...
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    cows milk

    I have been off of dairy products since my 2nd was born. Is goat's or sheep's milk an alternative? I am dying for cheese!!!:mad:
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