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  1. Re: Bf on a long car trip--will we ever get there?

    I took a road trip when DD was 2 1/2 months old. Luckily, she slept a lot of the way and when she woke up hungry, we just stopped. Ever stop took about 45 mins-1 hr to feed and change her. So a...
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    Re: Supply/Supplementing

    Hi...I am also in the same situation...so any advice would be great! I have an 8 mth old and I am gone from 7-6ish (yes, long days due to long commute). She also takes 12-15oz from my MIL and eats...
  3. Re: # of feedings for a 2-3 month old

    Thanks for responding! I've been nursing on demand so far and have to actually wake her sometimes to eat since my breasts are so full. I guess I should be thankful since she is going almost 6-8...
  4. # of feedings for a 2-3 month old

    I have a 2 1/2 month old and she is only doing about 6 (sometimes 5) feedings a day now. At 2 months, she went from 8 to 7. Is this normal? She is definitely gaining weight well and have very...
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    Problem Sucking on Bottle??

    I am returning to work soon and have been trying to give my DD a bottle of EBM a day (well, it's been more like every other day) to try to get her use to it. She has no problems wanting the...
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    Help...on demand feeding?

    I am new to this site, but was hoping you ladies can give me some advice. My daughter will be 3 weeks old tomorrow and at her 2 wk checkup (well, it was 2 wks, 3 days) she has more than...
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