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  1. Re: Falls asleep nursing but wakes when I put him in the cri

    my 12mo old son will wake up like that only when he's teething really badly and is in need of extra cuddles. I try to identify those symptoms ahead of time and bring a book to those bedtime sessions....
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    Re: Night waking and nursing

    i read Dr. Sear's nighttime parenting article on their website, and one thing stuck out for me....something along the lines of - if it works for you, then don't fix it! Many people would be happy if...
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    Re: Sippy cup

    My then 10.5 mo old son simply up and decided one day at day care that he did not want his milk out of the bottle, and instead wanted it out of the sippy or straw cup. Like you, we had been giving...
  4. Re: Flu shot for a 10 1/2 month old breast fed baby?

    i just finished reading the Flu Vac chapter in the Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. If you choose to give your LO the flu vac, he says to be sure to get the non-mercury one and you may have to do some...
  5. Re: Baby resisting bottles after vacation

    WOW this is very similar to my 11-mo old. Post Labor Day vacation, he suddenly stopped taking his usual 16-oz over 3 bottles at daycare (dont' even get me started, he is HUGE at 27lbs and i tried to...
  6. Re: Stressed with Breastfeeding an almost 8 monther!!!

    wow! This sounds a lot like my 9mo old! I have to nurse him in a specific location otherwise he pops on and off and gets distracted. I found that having a specific Nursing Chair in his room next to...
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