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    Re: Toddler Aversion

    I'm dealing with this as well, but my dd#2 is only 3 weeks old! My dd#1 had almost weaned during pregnancy, then picked back up towards the end and has continued and now we are tandem nursing. I...
  2. Re: conceiving while toddler nursing

    I used FAM to conceive my 3rd child and my daughter was still nursing about 8-10 times a day, including through the night. I night weaned once I got pregnant though.

    I got pregnant with dd while...
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    Re: Toddler/Preschooler Check-In

    Child's Age: 2 years and 8 months
    Approx. height/weight: not sure on height, but she's only 23 pounds!
    Are you weaned, weaning, or going strong? weaning on her time
    Sleeping and napping patterns:...
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    Re: sleeping when baby sleeps ?

    My lo is 3 weeks old and I had a c-section too. We've been to church, to the grocery store a few times, the outlets (only 2-3 stores though) out to eat, etc.

    I think the point is to know what you...
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    ok so I've got a question, you'd think I'd know this by now, but my newest nursling is really gassy and I'm pretty sure it's just her digestive system maturing, etc. . .

    However she wants to...
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    Re: Just started BLW - some questions

    Sounds like she's off to a great start then! Enjoy
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    Re: Child-led Night Weaning?

    :hug to you, and I'm glad you posted this, because I was just about to do so!

    My dd will be two next month, and lately not only has she been frequently night nursing, but night waking as well,...
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    Re: eye teeth

    Same here, took dd weeks to finally cut them, but they are still not all the way through. . .we had about a week of relief, back to lots of nursing again. Hoping we can night wean before the 2 year...
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    Night weaning

    So I have the no cry sleep solution for todders and preschoolers, and I've read the Dr Jay Gordon method as well.

    For those that have BTDT, how did you know your lo was ready. . or that you were...
  10. Re: I need to wean if I want another baby...

    :hug Can't be an easy decision. I know I need to night wean to help my fertility along a bit and that's not even been easy. DD's 22 months old, and she's an all-night marathon nurser. . . Good...
  11. Re: Help. Feeling down... need encouragement!

    I slept for about 1-2 hours the night before last. . .so last night was much better since dd was only up 3-4 times, and she was nursing, not comfort nursing. I feel like a different woman today. It...
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    Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    :hug my dd has been doing the same. . .last night was a much better night than the night before. . .and so I :love nursing my toddler today too!
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    Re: Sleep issues

    No advice, other than that I'm in the same situation! My dd is 22 months old and hasn't slept alone, ever. . . and her night wakings/nursings are becoming more frequent rather than less. I've got...
  14. Re: two years old and not nursing down

    My dd just started this as well and she's 22 months old. We just started a "stricter" bedtime ritual, and we've been considering nighttime weaning, so I was actually happy she's starting to give it...
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    Re: What's the deal with MY weight?

    I lost all the pregnancy weight by 6 months, both times, but I've got a lot of extra "fluff" that I'd like to loose and thought bf'ding would help but alas no. . .still fluffy! LOL
  16. Almost two being silly while nursing?

    Quick question, my dd is almost 2 and for the past few months she's been acting really silly when asking to nurse, she wants her cup of water too. . .and takes turns. At first I thought it was...
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    Re: Fussy eater/frequent nurser

    She's been cutting her eye teeth on and off for a few months. . .little buggers won't come in! So yay that could be it. . . I'm just leaving it up to her. . .with not offering except for...
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    Fussy eater/frequent nurser

    Hi all,

    My son started his fussy eating "issues/stage" when he was aroun 19-21 months old. . .still is in some aspects at 3.5. It was also around the time I weaned him.

    Now dd is 20 months...
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    Re: i don't want to wean :(

    I would say wait until May, you never know you just might get your period back by then. I got mine "early" at 8, then 7 months pp with both my kids. The night feedings might be what's preventing...
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    Re: Thrush symptoms come & go?

    That's what happened with me and my ds. . .several times. Problem is, I even went to a gyn to get meds, and he said it didn't look like thrush to him?! I told my Ped, and she looked, said, yep...
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    Re: She won't stop biting!!!

    I would tell her to "Open wide" and show her how, then watch her latch constantly, talking to her, etc. As soon as her latch gets "lazy", unlatch her and ask if she's done or "open wide" again. If...
  22. Re: toddler still nursing ...mama ready to wean

    I replied on the no cow's milk post. . .but I'll say again what seemed to work, is to offer to nurse, but not in bed, no more nursing in our bed AT ALL. . .and not allowing them to fall asleep, but...
  23. Re: Also trying to ween/DD hates cows milk

    I weaned my ds around that age, I would nurse when he asked, but since he always nursed to sleep, I would offer to nurse before bed like in a chair or couch, but not in our bed. . .then take him to...
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    Re: Night-weaning a Co-sleeper?

    :hug I totally know what you are going through. I'm not even pregnant yet, and am looking forward to nursing, but there's no way I can nurse both of them at night. . .even mommy needs at least 1-2...
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    Re: Well Visit Vent

    Thanks ladies.

    My Ped's been really cool about the nursing/co-sleeping thing, but it was the nurse and the nurse practitioner that did this well visit. I usually just get a smile when they ask...
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