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  1. Re: Nursing positions for bigger toddlers

    My 2 year old stretches out on the couch or chair next to me. He is still technically in a cradle hold, but he is Loooong.

    Nursing a toddler is a different ball game, huh? Best wishes!

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    Re: Too Frequent night feeds

    When my son was 25 months old, we decided to stop co-sleeping. The shift to his "big boy bed" dropped our night feedings from 4 or 5 to just one per night. It felt like a miracle after over two...
  3. Re: Thinking ahead (feeding while away)

    Well, I guess I'm not so against bottles. I guess I have to share more back-story to clarify why I've been looking for an alternative. I fought with our pediatrician about Fletcher's slow weight...
  4. pumping question...if you have time to look...

    Hi, everyone.
    I just posted a message in the Breastfeeding Infants forum. The question has to do with feeding while I'm away from the baby, and it is partly a pumping question. If you have minute...
  5. Thinking ahead (feeding while away)

    Dear friends,
    I am expecting my second child in July. I have a son who is 2 yr. 8 m. We have had a wonderful breastfeeding relationship, and he nurses now only to sleep. When he was an infant, I...
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    Re: He WILL wean some day, right?

    One of the leaders in my LLL group starts the meetings by saying, "I have five grown children, and they are all weaned and sleeping in their own beds." It always raises a laugh.

  7. Re: What do you call them? (for LO?)

    My 2.5 year old son says "nurse," but I think he is using it as a noun rather than a verb. We were in Target, and we passed a manequin in bra and panties in the underwear department. My son said,...
  8. Re: Getting ready to breastfeed...

    It's great that you are making plans to give yourself the very best start to breastfeeding. Make some positive changes to your diet now. Do some reading (The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding is the...
  9. Re: Help! My wife is getting desperate!

    txdaddy...Your update this morning sounds great! The fact that the baby is staying at the breast longer and is eager to go back should make you feel wonderful. The baby is learning where the...
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    Re: Question about nursing pads

    I really wanted to use washable pads for environmental reasons (and to save money), but honestly, all the ones that I tried felt like yanking a Band-Aid off of my nipples. OUCH! I ended up using...
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    Re: sleeping at breast

    It does seem almost scary when the little one stays at the breast for hours and hours. You can't help but fearfully imagine months down the road with this growing baby attached to your...
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    Re: Full time work and sleep loss

    Co-sleeping kept me from feeling sleep-deprived. I just had to wake up enough to get Fletcher latched on before dozing off again. Worked great for us!
  13. Re: The Mad Nipple Pincher on the Loose!!!

    Yep...I relate too! I wish my DH could get Fletcher to sleep as easily as your hubby. Wow!
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    Re: How/when did you know?

    I echo what jentut said. Now at 18 months, nursing is about reconnecting with my son. It is definitely a comfort to him, and I see no reason to take that away just yet.

    I didn't exactly plan to...
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    Re: how does your lo "ask"?

    Fletcher just says, "Nurse." After he's been on one side for a little while, he sits up and says, "udder ide" (other side). So cute :p
  16. Re: La Leche Meeting what to expect?

    Dear luvmygirls,
    I went to my first LLL meeting when I was 8 months pregnant. I'm glad I did. It helped me to be prepared for the first weeks of motherhood, and when I took my son to a meeting...
  17. Re: only getting 1 1/2 oz when pumping

    You know what...I pump at work for one 20 minute session, and I am really lucky to get 1.5 ounces. My son is a year old, and I've been doing this since he was only a few months old. I use the best...
  18. Re: I guess we've officially entered the world of extended nursing...

    Yes, Fletcher started cereal at 6 months, and we have very slowly introduced other solids. He does take some organic whole milk at meals and a cup when he gets up in the morning. He still nurses...
  19. Re: I guess we've officially entered the world of extended nursing...

    Thanks, mollyb and Kelly Ann. I'm really happy that I finally came to this forum. I "hang out" on iVillage quite a bit, but it is great to be with other LLL moms.

  20. I guess we've officially entered the world of extended nursing...

    Hi! This is my first post in the LLL forums. My son turned one on Sunday, and weaning is nowhere in sight. I am so proud to have made it through the first year with the trouble we had with lack of...
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