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    Could this be thrush?

    I have been BFing my dd for 19 months now - no real issues. This weekend first my right nipple started to feel itchy and was a bit red and flakey and then the left one followed. Righty has since...
  2. Re: Breast feeling full after 18 months BFing

    Thank you both! I appreciate your feedback :)
  3. Breast feeling full after 18 months BFing

    I have been breastfeeding my dd for almost 18 months now. At this stage she usually feeds during the night as we co-sleep. I am working full-time, so during the day she eats her solids and drink...
  4. Re: Very sad - might have to stop BFing

    Thanks for the encouragement - I also spoke to the paed and he said it is absolutely fine because so little gets into the BM :) Now for a happy mom and baby!
  5. Very sad - might have to stop BFing

    Hi All,

    DD is 6.5months old. She has been EBF for the first 4 months and then started getting EBM in a bottle during the day and I nursed in the evenings, at night and in the morning before...
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    Re: Introducing a bottle

    I followed this post, since I am in the same boat - having to return to work and DD not wanting to take a bottle. I tried everything - also the Playtex Drop-ins but we only get the silicone nips...
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    Re: Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    Thanks for the feedback. I decided to pump while away and give baba fresh BM. I will see when my course is finished whether she is willing to drink the frozen BM.
    I have to say - washing bottles...
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    Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    I really need advice on the following. DD is 6 weeks old and I have to attend a course this week. I pumped and froze A LOT of BM previously in order for her to get breastmilk when I am gone this...
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    Re: So here goes....

    I realise this has nothing to do with the post, but I only joined recently... Could you please tell me what "AF" stands for?
  10. Time between feeds and weight gain

    My DD is just over 6 weeks and was born at 37.5 weeks and weighed 5.98lbs. It was a very stressful pregnancy - I had an amnio since it looked like she might have Downs - luckily the amnio results...
  11. Baby feeding from one breast in a session


    My daughter is 6 weeks old this week and weighs 3.5kg. During the first few weeks of BF she nursed from both breasts during one feeding session (with a nappy change between breasts). The...
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