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  1. Re: Help! About to Give Up-teeth!

    We pulled out the Motrin a couple of times for some serious teething pain. Will he take a sippy cup or a small soft cup? One with a straw?

    Also when mine got new teeth we had to go though...
  2. Re: Son Acts Hungry All The Time!!!!!!!

    When I saw the title I said to myself.. I wonder if the baby is about 3 weeks old? :D It's rough, it really is, but it too will pass.

    If you said your baby was literally attached 23 hours of the...
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    Re: Can baby be allergic to BM?

    A true allergy to mothers milk is very rare and honestly your baby would probably not be doing very well (I mean babies often are in the hospital/worse) with a true intolerance to your milk.
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    Re: Getting to much milk

    I can see the potential for plugged ducts! You want to wean slowly off what your pumping. Is there a reason your pumping that often (like your away from your baby)?
    You could just pump a few less oz...
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    Re: Fear about breastfeeding

    :gvibes Let me assure you that you will see your breasts in a whole new light after you see your baby. :D
    You can be two things, a wife and a mother. Your also a daughter as well, maybe a coworker...
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    Re: I dont have extra

    You might try pumping once a day (every other day or however often you want) in the morning (prolactin levels are higher, thus a little higher supply) and just keep saving till you get the 2-3oz you...
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    Re: No weight gain in 7 days

    Within the context of what's going on (good diapers, perhaps falsely high previous weigh in, history) I'd not beat myself up over ONE weight check.

    If you offer both sides and she doesn't take...
  8. Re: Milk Supply Decreasing or Baby just hungry?

    It could be that he's nursing more because of teething or an illness coming on. Maybe he's just changing it up on you (they change nursing patters, a lot sometimes). Sometimes they do that when there...
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    Re: help with pumping

    Definitely don't give up!!

    You can pump and give bottles, it is possible to do that without losing your milk but it is not at all an easy thing to do. In most situations it's much better and even...
  10. Re: good post - "Mixed Messages a Formula for Disaster"

    Guilt and women are great friends, even outside of anything that has to do with parenting. Women will often take on guilt where there is no need to and say they are sorry for things like the weather!...
  11. Re: Breastmilk vs. solids - nutritional values...

    It's not that breastmilk is on paper just head over heels got so much more fat and calories. That's comparing apples to oranges. It's the type of fat, the bioavailability of foods and much more than...
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    Re: true or false?

    I've not heard that one! I wouldn't drink any alcohol with a very young baby though, since their liver cannot metabolize it at all.
    I can't think of anything in red wine that would help with...
  13. Re: Google fail: dark ring of skin around edge of shield

    Here's the Ameda page on fit but it has more to do with the nipple rather than the breast. http://www.ameda.com/breastpumping/most/fit.aspx

    I'd probably see if you can find an IBCLC (Lactation...
  14. Re: I have Thrush...please help!

    It does get worse before it gets better so that's probably where you are at right now. See this link http://www.llli.org/FAQ/thrush.html there are some things you can do right now to help with the...
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    Re: Desperately Seeking Help

    Her frustration might have to do with her latch and also because you don't work like a bottle. Her tummy is VERY tiny right now, and they eat ALL THE TIME. So for her to seem ravenous all the time is...
  16. Re: Question about bottle-feeding...

    It'll work out! Don't expect to pump a whole lot the first time and especially if you are pumping in addition to nursing (meaning your not replacing pumping with nursing, your adding a session). Your...
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    Re: BF 2 year old and TTC

    Most likely you are ovulating, but it is possible to have have cycles and not ovulate. I wouldn't be too worried about kind of trying for a few months. Even if you know exactly when you ovulate and...
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    Re: BF 2 year old and TTC

    Do you know if you are ovulating yet? If you are, you are.
    From everything I've read, if you are ovulating then nursing is no longer suppressing fertility. Does that make sense?

    How long have...
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    Re: Only one boob is working!

    I know a mom who's successfully breastfed 4 children with just one side. She had scarring on the other side which prevented milk from being able to come out.

    The ultimatum seems a little drastic...
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    Re: Warm breasts

    Take a look at this link
    Does any of that sound like it could be it?

    Here's the link for thrush http://www.llli.org/FAQ/thrush.html
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    Re: Waking to feed

    After they've gained back their birth weight and everything seems to be going well you can ease up a bit and see how they sleep. I wouldn't let a 2 1/2 week old sleep 10 hours or anything, but very...
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    Re: Failure to thrive...

    From what you've just described it doesn't sound to me like FTT, I'm not a Dr though so I would strongly recommend getting a second opinion from another Dr. Do you have an IBCLC (Lactation...
  23. Re: Should I continue to comfort feed?

    Just because she's finds comfort at the breast with YOU doesn't mean that she can't find comfort with someone else another way. That's not gonna happen in a couple of hours though. My LO comfort...
  24. Re: breast flange too small or too big?

    Here's a helpful article to get an idea of they fit correctly
  25. Re: thrush using gentian violet


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