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  1. Re: 27 m.o. fights bedtime! Suggestions?

    After a series of late nights and 3 a.m. risings, DS suddenly had about 10 new words in his vocabulary. Reminds me of something I've read here before... When they have breakthroughs in their...
  2. Re: 27 m.o. fights bedtime! Suggestions?

    Thank you all for the suggestions! I did try for a while an earlier bedtime but he turned it into a nap (would get up an hour-two later and be bright as anything and ready to play). By the next time...
  3. Re: 27 m.o. fights bedtime! Suggestions?

    OK.:love my baby but yes, he takes a nap at daycare. However, he's extremely inconsistent. Unfortunately, once in a while when he misses his nap it's because he had a really late night the night...
  4. 27 m.o. fights bedtime! Suggestions?

    First of all, a big thanks to all my LLLI sisters who stuck by me through these years. We're still nursing. Yay!
    Problem: he's fighting bedtime. Doesn't want to sleep.
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    Re: Moving DD to her own bed

    Wish more moms could reply to this... I'm trying to move my son to his bed and tonight we had a terrible time. He kept crying and climbing out to come to me to nurse (for comfort as he had already...
  6. Re: GRRRRR. Any advice greatly appreciated!

    I did not realize how common this is! I've been battling my 22 month old son for a year and some months now with no change in the behavior on his part. I absolutely cannot stand him fiddling with my...
  7. Re: Can I just tell you he nurses like a newborn?

    Your replies give me hope, courage but also make me apprehensive. We will attempt night weaning over Thanksgiving and see what happens. If he gets up just as much then it will be more work for us to...
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    Re: what to eat?

    Second this!:ita Eggs have lots of protein which also keeps you from being hungry too much (hopefully no one is allergic to them though). Try to focus on protein and healthy fats to keep you...
  9. Re: breastfeeding pain during menstrual cycle???

    I got needle poking pain when I nurse on my first few days of my period. I just unlatch and massage the area and relatch. Kellymom has some info on breast pain you might want to look into...
  10. Can I just tell you he nurses like a newborn?

    My DS is incredible!

    I am always telling myself that he will bf less as he grows and that he will drop some of those nursing sessions. To no avail! He nurses every 3 hours and all through the...
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    Re: PPD? Please help

    :hug:hug:hug:hug Mama!

    I went through a horrible first 6 months myself so, I understand... My DS was prem. so he was in the hospital for 5 weeks and I hated being away from him. I worried about...
  12. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    We're getting there also!
    ...every time he sees your boobs he says (with a high pitch baby-talking voice like he's talking to a puppy): "Mamma! Mamma! Lala!" (Greek for mommy and milk)
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    Re: OMG she's back!

    I assume you're talking about your menstrual cycle? I had my first a few weeks ago and I was a bit worried too. I experienced a small drop in supply but DS nursed extra hard and extra often as soon...
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    Re: sweet breath

    My son's breath smells like fruit yogurt, usually after breastfeeding. Does that count?
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    Re: Help & Advice

    Ditto with all the above answers and I would not withhold bm from her. She needs you the most right now to get her through all she's going through imho.
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    Re: When did your period return?

    Hey! Just got mine back last Friday night... We're a week from 19 months. I think it came back 'cause we almost stopped nursing in the afternoon as E stopped taking afternoon naps. I'm happy it's...
  17. Breastmilk Is the Best?-NY times article proves it again!

    Hey Mommas! Just got this via facebook and loved it!
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    Re: A Confident Baby!

    True dat!:ita

    I had a car emergency and had to leave him with our Italian neighbor yesterday afternoon for an hour (she's the same age as our nanas). No probs at all there either... At some point...
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    A Confident Baby!

    So, I was with a friend in Toys R Us and asked a sales rep. about an item I was looking for. She was walking fast and I could not get Emmanuel to follow us so I asked my friend to watch him for me...
  20. Re: Baby with a stuffy nose when lying down

    I explained to her what goes on and how long for. We last saw her when he was like this for a week and she said the back of his throat was a little inflamed and probably has a little cold. However,...
  21. Re: Baby with a stuffy nose when lying down

    Has anyone dealt with adenoids? Other than raising him up, steaming and baby vicks what else can help?
  22. Re: Baby with a stuffy nose when lying down

    It's been like this for a month. Saw the pediatrician yesterday and she said it's probably adenoids and perscribed nasonex to see if it helps. In addition, his molars are coming in and four of them...
  23. Baby with a stuffy nose when lying down

    My DS is 16 months and has had a stuffy nose when he lies down and only when he lies down. We tried saline and suctioning him every night before bed, baby vicks on his chest and feet, humidifier (NY...
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    Re: cow's milk questions!!

    My DS was termed "dairy intolerant" by the gastroenterologist at two months after a nightmarish ordeal that lasted up to that time. He told me one in three babies have this problem and put me on a...
  25. Re: To STTN (sleep through the night) HOW?

    Yeah, unfortunately, he'll have nothing to do with cuddling, rocking or any other kind of comfort for the most part. He may briefly fall back to sleep when DH rocks him but then he'll wake up and...
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