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  1. Re: Baby self weaning before I'm ready

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'm in New Zealand, but we have a yogurt brand we all like (full fat, no crap , just milk and culture). We've been making banana yogurt smoothies for awhile, and have...
  2. Re: Baby self weaning before I'm ready

    Thanks, that's helpful. I'll try to boost his tahini intake for the calcium. I might start introducing some cow's milk now, too: it*sounds like there's nothing "magic" about the 1 year mark, it's...
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    Re: Want my fertility back!

    I believe that it's largely the long gap between feedings that makes night weaning effective. But since babies need so much sleep, there's really a much longer gap than you can probably manage during...
  4. Re: Baby self weaning before I'm ready

    A key bit of information that I now realise I should have included is that I'm about 8 weeks pregnant. After doing some reading yesterday, I guess my supply has probably gone down due to the...
  5. Baby self weaning before I'm ready

    I'm the mother of an 11-month-old boy who's happily eating everything in sight, and seems to have lost interest in breastfeeding. He has never tasted formula, but we started him on solids around 5...
  6. Re: Sleep regression and menstruation weirdness

    Oh, I know, we've been so lucky with our little guy in so many ways!

    Not using hormonal contraception, we're actually trying to conceive. That was the other weird thing, my BBT didn't drop when...
  7. Sleep regression and menstruation weirdness

    My 9-month-old has been sleeping through the night (12 hours) since about 4 months, with a dream feed around 10 pm until maybe 7 months. A week ago he started waking when we go to bed, and again...
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