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  1. Pumping for work supply while nursing

    Hi everyone! My hubs & I are wedding photographers & I am nursing full time. My son is 11 weeks old. I have mild oversupply due to pumping occasionally. I am needing to build my freezer stash for...
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    Re: Mixed oversupply symptoms?

    Hi again everyone. My son's poop is still green. Yesterday & this morning there was a very small amount of blood in it. I am very confused b/c I know it's not a dairy issue b/c I barely eat any...
  3. Practicing with bottle & oversupply

    So I had oversupply w/my first. And bc we need our son to take a bottle some b/c we are full time wedding photographers, I have been pumping to get him some bottle practice. I had been pumping...
  4. Re: Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    Tried milk that was scalded. He took an oz. we think he is resisting bottle bc he thinks it's gonna taste bad like it did for the 3 other days we tried before we knew my problem. He has taken a...
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    Re: Mixed oversupply symptoms?

    Baby is 100% happy like usual. Don't think it's a virus. Just have green poop w/no other symptoms. However, I was pumping about every other day until last week & I stopped so maybe that is why, since...
  6. Re: Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    Thanks. I ended up freezing it but thanks for that tidbit about refrigerating it to test. Well be testing it this afternoon. Praying it worked. We did the scalding in our bottle warmer at 163 for 15...
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    Mixed oversupply symptoms?

    Hi there! I had oversupply with my daughter for sure. Now with my son (8weeks), his poop is green but no other standard oversupply issues. No discomfort while nursing, no gulping, nothing else that...
  8. Re: Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    Well I thawed my frozen milk from earlier this month to get a taste of it myself since hubby has been tasting it & it was so metallic my fillings ached!! Gag worthy! Ewww...so starting the scalding...
  9. Re: Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    I will be pumping at home, scalding, cooling, then freezing so I'd be working with warm milk first so should I experiment with warm water? And when I'm shooting a wedding, I'll be just dumping. I...
  10. Re: Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    Thanks Susan. Ya, I'm making my way through that thread. On page 11. Haha
    He is 8 weeks old. We introduced bottle at 3 weeks with fridge milk I pumped that am & he took it that evening fine. We did...
  11. Re: Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    Susan, thank for the reply. We are going to make sure we are doing it correctly for sure.
    We can't bring him to weddings, as it's seem as "unprofessional" & how a wedding day functions, it's...
  12. Excess lipase. Scalding not working.

    Hi there! I've discovered my milk is high in lipase as I am exclusively nursing but my son will have to take a bottle bc we are wedding photographers and work for 10+ hours when we shoot a wedding,...
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