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    Re: Fussy/Gassy 13 week Old

    Have you talked to your doctor about the gas pain? When DD was younger, we gave her Zantac for what we thought was reflux. It gave her horrible gas pain/explosive poops. When we went back to the...
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    Milk blister?

    My DD is currently 3 months old, and I believe I have a milk blister. Almost three weeks ago, I had a plugged duct, but I was able to get relief from frequent nursing and heat/massage. Since then I...
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    Re: Please help pinpoint digestion issues!

    I am not an expert here, but I wanted to share my story in hopes that it would help you. We took our DD to the doctor when she was about a month old because she was vomiting frequently and we were...
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    OS/OALD & sleeping 8 hours at night

    Hello again,
    First of all thank you for all of your great advice so far. I have posted previously and have greatly benefitted from the advice I have received. As an update, I now have a very happy 9...
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    Frustrating doctor visit. Help please!

    Hello all. This is my 2nd post here and I am typing it on my phone while nursing, so I apologize for any errors. I just got back from a doctors visit for my one month old and I am very frustrated. I...
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    Re: Breast feeding, exhaustion and anxiety.

    Yes, I am exhausted all the time. I can't offer you too much advice except to say that I am in the same boat, and it has to get better. If it didn't, no one would do this! Right? You are stronger...
  7. Re: 3 weeks old and seems like three weeks of problems

    Thank you for the advice! I really thought that her spitting up was a result of my milk production/let down, but since she was in pain, the doctor suggested the meds. I will call the advice line,...
  8. 3 weeks old and seems like three weeks of problems

    Hello! This is my first post here, but I have greatly benefitted from reading all of the different advice that you wonderful ladies have offered other mothers! Thank you so much! I would really...
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