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    Re: increase supply if baby biting :-(

    Thank you for the suggestions. I just finished working 3 12 hour day shifts. Was able to get my breaks to pump and was able to produce 2 ounces every day, more than I was producing so it is...
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    increase supply if baby biting :-(

    My baby is 10 mns and I started working a new job about a month ago. I wasn't getting to take breaks at work thus unable to pump and wasn't able to nurse him because i was working overnight 12 hours...
  3. Re: Have any of you felt or are feeling like this?

    Thank you for all your replies and suggestions. Nice to know others have felt this way also. Deffinetly will try some of the suggestions mentioned above. Maybe it's a combination of lack of sleep,...
  4. Have any of you felt or are feeling like this?

    My son is 9 months and am currently breastfeeding. For some reason, I'm getting to the point where I don't want him at my breast anymore. I want him to continue to get breastmilk til at least 12...
  5. Re: drinking more than I'm supplying ???

    Thanks for the replies. Article was very helpful. He's eating 4 oz every 2-3 hrs when I'm away. I think we need to try a different nipple (we've been using same nipples since we introduced the...
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    Re: Pic I just have to share.....

    Good for you!! Nice that your husband was proud and supportive of you as well. It's still hard for me to breastfeed in public with nursing cover but it's deffinetly getting easier than it was. Too...
  7. Re: Nipple pain going on 5weeks,whats wr

    My nipples were soooo painful for probably about 6-8 weeks and I was religiously applying lanolin cream after every feeding. I did go to the doctor and they gave me a different cream to apply and...
  8. drinking more than I'm supplying ???

    Why is my 5 month old drinking more breastmilk from bottle (4oz) at a time than what I'm pumping (2oz) when I'm working? :confused: His dad says he trys to pull the bottle away at 2-2.5 oz and he...
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