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    Re: DD's weaning story

    Decisive, determined and opinionated. Sometimes it is blessing, other times not so much....
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    DD's weaning story

    DD turned 3 in July. I had managed to gradually drop her down to nursing only once a day a little while before her birthday. She remained very attached to this morning session for several months. She...
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    Re: Preparing to wean

    :ita with Mommal

    If you want to fully wean that is okay. But if you simply want to stop pumping at a year, you can do that and still nurse your daughter when you are together. I work 10-12 hour...
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    Re: Pumping more than baby drinking?

    Most babies need 1 to 1.5oz of milk per hour you are away. It sounds like he is right on track. I almost always pumped more than my LO's would take from a bottle. Unless you are having difficulties...
  5. Re: Wisdom teeth removal and the meds that go with it.

    I would look into whether steroids are even necessary. I had four impacted wisdom teeth extracted when I was 18. I was prescribed Vicodin and ibuprofen. Both of which I know are okay during nursing...
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    Re: Heartbroken, about to quit BF

    A couple more questions:
    1) How many wet or poopy diapers is she having a day?
    2) What are your reasons for pumping right now?
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    Re: nursing while taking z pack

    I was just on it for pneumonia, my doctor said it was okay while nursing.
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    Re: 2.5 year old much prefers mom to dad

    :pop I don't have any answers for you except to say that my 2.5 year old DD is the same way.
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    Re: numb foot

    If it has been 6 days and your foot is swollen, I would talk to your doctor again. That does not seem normal to me.
  10. Re: Baby won't take bottle! Limits my ability to work

    My DD never fully accepted a bottle. Regardless, I had to go to back to work when she was 16 weeks old. The next few months were very stressful and full of anxiety for me, but we got through it by...
  11. How did weaning affect your relationship with your child?

    DD is 2.5 years old and has been very attached to me since day one. She will tolerate being left with DH and my mom only. If she is with anyone else she cries non-stop.When she is with DH and my mom...
  12. Re: Ideas for pumping without a private space?

    When I've attended all day conferences, I simply pumped in my car using the battery pack for the PISA. It was actually quite comfortable and easier than a bathroom. I could listen to music on the...
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    Re: what happens at a year?

    After the one year mark, your milk supply and your breastfeeding relationship should be well established, and you should be able to gradually drop the amount you are pumping at...
  14. Re: 4 mo Baby has fallen below 3rd %ile weight for length :-

    My children are both under the 5th percentiles for weight and height, and they have more or less been that way since about 4 months of age. DS is almost 5 years old and still weighs less than 40lbs....
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    Re: wondering about baby size servings

    We never used any of the jarred foods either. Both of my LO's started eating solids at around 6 months, but didn't consume more than about a tablespoon at a time until they were closer to a year old....
  16. Temas: snot

    by @llli*wdsmom

    Re: snot

    What type of aspirator are you using? Bulb syringes suck ;) and most babies really hate them. I had better luck using a Nosefrieda....
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    Re: needing a little more answers :)

    Some women have a tingling or very mild cramping sensation when their milk lets down. It is also normal not to feel anything. I nursed my older son for 17 months, and am now nursing my almost 2.5...
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    Re: I'm at my wits end

    I agree with pp. I would not offer solids just yet. :hug It is very frustrating and upsetting when they refuse bottles. My DD did this. I went back to working 12 hour shifts twice a week when she was...
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    Re: lump near armpit

    :ita with Mommal.

    If it is persisting have it checked. There are also lump nodes in that area that can become swollen if there is an infection or other cause for inflammation.
  20. Re: Side-lying and horrible backache! Help!

    I have never been able to comfortably nurse with the top boob. It just hurts my back too much no matter how I stack the pillows. I always roll to the other side. DD usually rests her head on my arm...
  21. Re: Nursing to sleep- FTM feeling guilty/ concerned

    My DD nursed to sleep and refused to nap anywhere but directly on top of me until she was almost 20 months old. At about that time she became really interested in her toy dolls. I asked her one day...
  22. Re: Single Parent for two weeks a month HELP!

    What type of hours does your husband have? I understand that he won't be able to do as much when he goes back to work, but can't he help at least a little? My husband works 60-70hrs per week and has...
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    Re: Baby is a gymnast at the breast

    :ita very normal behavior. Right now he is learning how his arms and legs work and he is constantly trying them out. Chances are it will get better soon. Certainly try a nursing necklace or other...
  24. Re: LO doesn't want bottle from sitter during day--help?

    My DD never took a bottle well, and I went back to working 10-12hr shifts when she was 4 months old. She made up for the missed sessions at night. Since your daughter is 9 months old and eating...
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    Re: What if?

    I would prepare for the worst by having a freezer stash (or formula) available just in case you two couldn't be together . This not a bad idea regardless of your work situation since in a major...
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