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  1. Re: How do I know when I'm getting hind milk out of the breast?

    I've been breasfeeding (and pumping at work) for my 10 month old and I didn't even know that there was such a thing called foremilk or hindmilk? I just thought breast milk is all good stuff? Anyway.....
  2. Re: 7+ months working/pumping/breastfeeding. But my determination is waivering.

    It is very, very hard...I give you props for sticking to it for 7months!! I know how you feel!!! I have 3 kids, 9yo, 3yo, and 7 months. and both DH and I are working full time! My 9 year old plays...
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    Re: Good Pumping Session!!

    I know this is a silly question.. but does it matter what size your breasts are? I pump for nearly 30 minutes to get 6oz. I try to pump 3 times a day at work while away from my DS (almost 7 months)....
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    Re: how long...fenugreek?

    Hi.. :hello I've seen a few websites that are selling fengreek, how would I know that I'm getting the "real" deal? Can someone offer a legit website for me to get this? Or can I pick it up from a...
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