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  1. Re: Not pumping what LO eats during day

    First of all 14-16 oz is a bit on the high side. So make sure that she isn't being overfed. (Good article on how much milk a baby needs: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html)

    Here are...
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    Re: Newbie with a Few Questions

    This is what it feels like when my milk lets down between pumpings or breastfeedings. A strange squeezing pins-and-needles sensation in my breasts. Oddly the letdown with the pump or baby feels less...
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    Re: How hard do you work at pumping?

    I think I know what you are talking about - having to work hard at the pump. I have one boob that is a piece of cake to empty and the other one I have to do lots of compressions and wait a while to...
  4. Re: Scalded breastmilk and weird poop.

    So the poo has gone back to normal now that I am scalding to 163 for 15 seconds. It was really weird and homogenous looking and now back to normal "seedy" texture.

    I never thought I would get so...
  5. Scalded breastmilk and weird poop.

    Since I've started scalding my milk a little over a week ago my baby's poops have changed - even though she gets about 50% "from the tap" breast milk. Her poop is now coming less frequently - 1-2 big...
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    Re: Scalding temperature

    Thanks for your experiences. I'm now doing 163 for 15 sec - so far so good. I'm a little nervous about "undercooking" my milk. Maybe when I finally get a full weekend without work (2 more weeks until...
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    Scalding temperature

    So I know that there are several different temperatures mentioned for scalding in that beast of a thread. Kellymom mentions reaching 180 but also 144.5 x 1 minute or 163 x 15 sec for bile salt...
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    Re: Time

    My baby was/is very high need similar to what you describe but she is now 12 weeks and it is MUCH better. Pumping at home alone with her was tough, but like you I was not willing to sacrifice sleep...
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    Re: sweet breath?

    Hmm, well it depends on what you mean by sweet. A fruity odor is associated with diabetic ketoacidosis and other abnormal breath odors can indicate other metabolic conditions. My breast-fed baby has...
  10. Re: Using fresh vs. frozen breastmilk

    I like your method Tracie. I will have my care providers (my husband actually for my first 2 weeks back at work) do this. Sounds like a good way to rotate milk while having my LO get mostly fresh...
  11. Using fresh vs. frozen breastmilk

    Hi I have a quick question. I am going back to work next week and my little one will need to start taking my expressed breast milk. I have a stash of about 100 or so ounces in the freezer that date...
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    Re: Freemies anyone?

    Wiping down between pumpings or putting in the fridge are both good ideas! You cant just leave them in all of the time because they only hold up to 4 oz each though. I guess I'll have to see how they...
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    Freemies anyone?

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and have been finding the other posts very helpful. I have a 4 week old daughter and have been worrying about the logistics of pumping when I go back to work. I bought the...
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