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  1. Re: Working long hours, baby now screams when trying to nurs

    Are you a resident? I had my first as a surgical resident and had a very similar experience as far as crazy schedules.

    1) In general, the rule of thumb is 1-1.5 oz/hour for each hour you are...
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    Re: Painful lump?

    If I were your doctor, I would suspect strongly that it was an abscess after mastitis. I would want an ultrasound and to have it aspirated. The redness overlying it would be why I would think this,...
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    Re: Help, lump and biopsy

    Hmmm....I'm a surgeon who operates on the breast often. Breast abscesses are not uncommon in women who are breast feeding, but I'd like to know more about "they don't want to treat it." Meaning they...
  4. Re: 1 day old hasn't pooped. Maybe peed?

    Pooping is more of an issue about whether the baby's GI tract is functioning as it should, less about intake. It took DS#2 about 34 hours after birth to poop, and everyone was getting concerned -- we...
  5. Re: How often to double pump for a one-sider?

    I have similar issues as you -- relatively oversupply, single side nurser, relatively short work days (at least when I went back initially...now things are busier). Anyways, I think there are a...
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    Re: 3 day work trip = 90 ounces

    Not to be a debbie downer, but the first time I was away from my older son at night, even though I could have slept for more hours, I didn't. My sleep was as broken and fragmented as it was with him,...
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    Re: Going back to work, Please Help

    Are you there when the bottle is offered? Neither of my DS's would take a bottle when I'm around.

    Babies are different. My first son would take milk any temperature, but liked a particular...
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    Re: he plans to go cold turkey

    This is only somewhat related, but my nephew was a big pacifier user, and his parents prepped him that at three he would be too big for pacifier. My parents watch him a day a week, and when he...
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    Re: Metamucil?

    In my (limited) opinion, as long as you drink a lot of water, it should be fine. Metamucil does work by drawing more water into the stool, so the solution to this is just drink more water.
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    Re: Mastitis-help

    I will work on it. I just reviewed this topic because I had a patient with a breast feeding related abscess -- if you look at the primary literature the recommendations are clear; it's just old, bad...
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    Re: Mastitis-help

    I am a surgeon who treats breast disease regularly. Your breast surgeon, is quite frankly, full of it. There is clear and convincing data that breast feeding through mastitis and breast abscess...
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    Re: Co-Sleeping

    Yeah, we often employ a variety of strategies once DS comes into bed with us (he usually starts out in his basinet in our room and then comes in sometime in the morning -- 4 or 5?). If DH is sleeping...
  13. Re: Pumping at work and oversupply issues

    I have similar issues, though a younger baby. My DS is 3 1/2 months old, and I've been back to work since he was 5 weeks. I pump every three hours while away from him, but he isn't taking very much...
  14. Re: What is the limit for keeping fresh milk in the fridge?

    In the spirit of "admitting" my choices, I often will reuse a bottle of fresh milk if DS doesn't finish it the first time around. I mean, I don't get it. Milk has antibacterial properties, the only...
  15. Re: What is the limit for keeping fresh milk in the fridge?

    I work Monday--Thursday if I'm not on call, so my milk would sit in the fridge the same amount as yours. According to KellyMom, fresh refridgerated milk is good from 3-8 days, 3 being ideal. What I...
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    Re: Pacifier use

    My DS is 8 weeks old and I'm struggling with some of the same issues, though we haven't been diagnosed with reflux or laryngomalacia. He is a spitty baby that likes to comfort nurse at night. We were...
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    Re: 15 month old baby/low supply?

    Why do you think your supply is low? How often do you nurse? How are diapers? What has weight gain been like? All of these questions will help us give you advice about your situation.
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    Re: Fussy breastfed baby

    I just have to add that your comment about your husband brought back sweet memories for me. DS1 was a fussy evening baby, and I worked late a lot of nights. My DH set up a station he could use his...
  19. Re: 4 month old only transfering 2 oz at breast

    Don't forget that you should be looking at total in over the course of the day, or several days. You don't eat exactly the same amount at every meal, do you? If baby is getting more than 24 oz of...
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    Re: Desperate!

    First, don't panic! There are lots of reasons why babies are fussy at the breast that don't necessarily mean that your supply is tanked.

    What are her diapers like? If she's making plenty of wet...
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    Pumping & Oversupply

    This may be a little bit of a brain dump post, but I have some free floating questions about pumping with oversupply, and would love advice opinions.

    DS is 6 weeks old and doing great. He and I...
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    Re: numb foot

    You've likely had a complication from the epidural. You need to find a doctor that will listen to you, take your concerns seriously and evaluate your neuro exam. I'd start with your OB, but if they...
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    Re: pumping while nursing?

    Are you a resident? If so, PM me and we can discuss the trials and tribulations of pumping in the medical field...

    I think that pumping the non-nursing side is a very smart way to accumulate a...
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    Re: Goat's Milk??

    With my older DS, we used cow milk based formula to supplement from months 9-12 when my pumping supply tanked and he did fine with it. However, when we tried to switch him to straight cows milk at a...
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    Blood in Stool

    My 5 week old is nursing like a champ, and is a mellow, happy baby save for some fussiness at the "witching hour" between 5-7pm. He is growing like crazy:

    Birth: 8lbs 15oz
    Lowest: 8 lbs 12oz
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