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  1. Re: Help!! Getting desperate...still in

    Thank you for the advice. I've been trying a reclined feeding position since I read your reply. First attempt was hilarious because Tiddler had a better view of me and kept popping off to grin at...
  2. Re: Help!! Getting desperate...still in

    - When baby unlatches, what shape are your nipples? Symmetrical, like pencil erasers, or asymmetrical/creased/wedged, like new lipsticks?
    - Mixture. Sometimes symmetrical, but if I let her feed to...
  3. Help!! Getting desperate...still in pain

    Hello All! This is my first posting and I'd really appreciate any ideas or help.

    I'm in the UK and Tiddler is coming up for 20 weeks, I have never been pain free when feeding - and I'm now...
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