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    Re: I need support to continue bf

    You should continue, even if it doesn't seem productive right now. You mentioned in another post that your pedi said 4 months was long enough. I disagree. Is there a way you can find a lactation...
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    Water to drink?

    When is it ok/should babies get water? My twins are almost 8 months (where DID the time go???), bm only and 3x a day solids.
  3. Re: On..Off...On...Off...On...Off...HELP!

    Thanks! I'm in St. Paul :)

    I don't think there are any ill effects from the short nursing times. One day I did a before/after weighing and for one feeding they got almost 5 oz in about 6...
  4. Re: The Misadventures of GigantiBoob (incredibly long, but I tell a good story! :))

    My twins are sleeping from about 7 to 3. I nurse them before they go to bed, then I pump before I go to bed around 10. It the first 3-4 nights that I didn't nurse them every 3 hours, my boobs were...
  5. On..Off...On...Off...On...Off...HELP!

    My 7.5 MO twins have started nursing very FAST (sometimes less than 6-7 minutes) and latch on, pop off, latch on, pop off. They seem super distracted. I've heard about this, but am looking for...
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    Re: Olive oil

    since it is one of the recommended oils to use for infant massage and to moisten milk blisters on the nipple, I would think it is perfectly safe.
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    Night Weaning

    One of my 6 MO daughters sleeps all night long. The other one, the bigger one, even, wakes every 3-4 hours and flips out unless I nurse her. I'm fairly convinced she's waking out of habit, not...
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    Re: Was I wrong?

    I, too, have momentary doubts about starting my twins on solids around 5 months. Still, they only eat a Tbsp or 2 of food each day and they are learning. I figure we've had no ill effects so far,...
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    Re: cooking first solids?

    I'd be cautious about giving a LO pieces or chunks of banana or carrot. They are serious choking hazards...
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    Re: night - Pump or wake him up?

    I have about 8-10 of the pumping "horns." I pump for about 10 minutes and get 7-10 oz total, sometimes 2x a night. It definitely is a must to keep up my supply and stay comfortable. I usually am...
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    Re: super baby food book

    I've heard 10-15 times. I've also heard great things about this cookbook...
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    Re: milk blister?

    I've had two very large, hard white areas on my nipples that I just assumed were blisters. One disappeared after 4 or so weeks, the other has stubbornly held on. It got infected, I got mastitis and...
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    Re: night - Pump or wake him up?

    FWIW, I would get up and pump. That way you can build up a nice supply of frozen, just in case.
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    Re: Shooting sharp pains when latching

    did you receive anti-biotics in hospital?

    Not all shooting pains are thrush. You can have milk blisters, and clogged ducts can feel "shooting", too.
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    Re: Small blister on nipple

    If one decides to lance on their own, I have heard you do not want to stick needle into blister, but rather just "scratch" the skin on the edge to allow for baby to suck the lil' thing away.
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    Re: is Nyquil OK while BFing?

    dextromethorphan is basically a morphine compound. I personally would not take Nyquil while BF...

    I do know the cough can stink. I caught a horrible virus while in the hospital and coughed HARD...
  17. Re: When was the last time you had your factory inspected?

    I agree that you should weigh your risks of breast cancer. The desire to BF continuously is admirable, but the travesty of breast cancer would pretty much make BF pretty inconsequential.
  18. Re: Are 10 pm & 3 am feedings still necessary?

    I, too, have one baby that doesn't really ever whimper. As DH says, she goes "nuclear" right away.

    I, too, am simply unable to let either DD cry it out.

    here's my take on things, based on...
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    Re: Small blister on nipple

    Do NOT lance the blister on your own...unless you can create the sterile environment of a clinic (which we can't), you run the risk of serious infection.

    If the blister gets very large, I'd go see...
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    Re: can't take the nights anymore!

    It is normal for newborn babies to be awake at night and sleep during the day. This changed for us around 6-8 weeks. Adjust your sleep/awake schedule to be nocturnal...hard, but necessary.

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    Re: allergy and low milk supply

    Milk supply goes down late afternoon/pm for all women. It may be down further because of the meds, though.

    I do the following to keep my supply up: don't go more than 4 hours w/o nursing or...
  22. Re: Are 10 pm & 3 am feedings still necessary?

    I agree about letting a whimper go for a while...mine often drift back off to sleep. We're going to try eliminating the 1 am, mostly b/c I think they're waking out of habit. One wakes, the other...
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    Re: Sucking Fingers during feedings

    One of my DDs does the same...she's sucking on hand all day, so I just think it's more of the same!
  24. Re: Plugged Duct or Mastitis - already have thrush!

    I've had mastitis twice, with a few plugged ducts. The big difference was the fever and redness. The fever can come on like gang-busters (mine both came in the middle of the night) and were gone by...
  25. Re: Are 10 pm & 3 am feedings still necessary?

    My LOs are almost 6 months, one just under 13#, the other just over. They get a bottle of EBM at about 7pm, then wake at about 12:30-1:30am, 4:30am, and 6:30-7:00am. I would like to eliminate at...
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