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  1. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    My son isn't back on yet :cry If I officially offer, he cries and screams and crawls away. I had him sleeping in my arms in the cradle position the other day, and I put my nipple right by his...
  2. 12 month old stopped latching on - exclusively pumping.

    My 12 month old went on a nursing strike 11 days ago and hasn't latched on again - not once. He has such a strong aversion to my nipples, and cries and screams if I offer to nurse, that I fear he...
  3. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    Nothing :( I still want to think he'll latch on again, but I'm starting to accept that I'm just going to have to pump may way to the end of this relationship.
  4. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    Congrats! Nothing for us yet. He rested his head on my breast today, which is huge. I've just been showing it to him and pointing to my nipple and then his mouth and back and forth. No crying at the...
  5. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    True! There are other resources on the LLL page - but some of those stories were a downer!

    Day 7; still nothing. I'm going to talk to him about it more. I think we need to call a lactation...
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    Re: Baby 11.5 months, am I drying up?

    What is the wet diaper count like? I would use that to determine if he is getting enough. I have a pretty solid supply, but my LO is constipated as all get out! It's a constant battle.

    Does he...
  7. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    Well I typed a novel and then pressed the wrong button. Oops. That was good to get all that out however. I'll recap a little:

    I have used those resources. I keep hoping for something new and...
  8. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    Day 5 - still nothing but aversion. His new thing is to grab the bottle I'm pumping into to try to sip in the middle of the session. So frustrating because the tap is RIGHT THERE! Come on! Latch...
  9. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    We did the bath yesterday! Still nothing. This is day 4 for us as well. He lets me cuddle him, but if he even hears me unclasp the nursing bra he starts to cry.

    I'm still sticking it out. I'm...
  10. Re: Please please please help - nursing strike

    Thank you, Maddieb, for the response. I'm going to keep what you said in mind.

    So far today it's been nothing but rejection. :( I've spent a lot of the day nursing stuffed animals in an attempt...
  11. Please please please help - nursing strike

    I posted earlier about this issue, but it's not ending and I'm absolutely crumbling under it all.

    DS is 11 months (he'll be one this Wednesday!) and three days ago he nursed to sleep, but when he...
  12. Re: 11 month old - is this refusing/a strike?

    So when I first posted this he got back on the boob pretty quickly. Last night, however, he started refusing again. It's now been 19 hours since he has nursed. He will take some expressed milk from...
  13. 11 month old - is this refusing/a strike?

    DS is 11 months old, ebf. He wakes a few times at night, and I always hook him up for a few sips before he goes back down, but last night he latched on and immediately off. And screamed. And...
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    keep or toss?

    I work from home, but last week I had to be our of the house for some time. I pumped and kept the milk in a lunch bag with ice packs.

    The one day when I unpacked the bags, they were no longer cold...
  15. Re: Feeling of fullness one year later?

    Thanks! It must be my cycle. I'm wrapping up right now and I can smell it still. Pregnancy was what I assumed the first time it happened, but not yet!
  16. Feeling of fullness one year later?

    It's been a LONG time since I've been here - nice to be back! My daughter, now 3 1/2 weaned a little over a year ago when she was 2 1/2. Once we were done, we were done, I felt no changes in my...
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    Re: Feeling like giving up may be best...

    For the first month of DD's life, reading through these forums really kept me going with bfing. Thank you iPod touch!

    My daughter didn't really "fight" the breast with her hand, but she as really...
  18. Re: New here... questions about nursing after solids

    When DD was around 8 months old I worked away from the home for 3-4 months (I usually work from home) and I only had the chance to pump once during the middle of the day and I would only pump like...
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    Re: When did your period return?

    21 months and no period! DD nurses between 5 - 10 times a day
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    Re: Thrush Issues

    I struggled with thrush for about a MONTH when DD was 3 months old and it was horrible! Oh man that pain is so distinct.

    DD didn't show any symptoms in her mouth so she couldn't have a RX - well...
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    Re: Not taking second breast

    I have a one-sided nurser. Part natural, part habit after we did block feeding. Even now at 16 months she usually only does one side at a time. Today, oddly enough, she had both sides at every...
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    Re: Stressed! Wholemilk or BM?

    Good decision! My DD will drink whole milk out of her cereal bowl and sometimes gets a small cup of it once a week or so, but the rest of the time its BM. One thing I remember my ped telling me is...
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    Re: sippy cup?

    We use the nuby straw cups and Tommy tippey straw cups. It took about two months for dd to figure it out all the way! But she also drinks out of a regular cup which is great for her to have the...
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    Re: New, and I have a few questions..

    I still breastfed my (nearly) 15 month old and I think when you get to the year mark you'll see that they are still SO much like a baby more than a toddler. Even when DD is going crazy crawling and...
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    Re: Baby food cook book?

    I just bought "Wholesome Meals for Babies and Toddlers" by parragon publishing. It starts with purees and goes all the way up to over 4 years old. I have only made 2 things out of it but DD LOVED...
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