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    Re: Newborn and Pacifier

    My first two took the paci within a day or so of coming home from the hospital and never once had any problems with nipple confusion. They nursed perfectly well. My third little guy won't take the...
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    Re: Not coping

    Sounds to me like you're doing an awesome job! Believe me, I know exactly how you feel with juggling a newborn and a toddler. I have 3 kids under the age of 5 (4 yrs, 19 months, 3 months), and it's...
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    Re: New Mommy Needs Help!

    I just went through a rough time with pain, and this is my 3rd! I spoke with one of the lactation consultants at my local hospital, and she gave a couple of suggestions. First of all, make sure...
  4. Re: baby wants to use me as a pacifier

    I live in a very rural community and there's just not a lot of help available. However, my teenage babysitter will be out of school next week, and I'm hoping that she can help out. Also, my 4 year...
  5. Re: Outright Bottle Refusal: Need Tips Cause Mom has to go back to work!

    My 1st 2 took whatever bottle or pacifier was offered, but my 3rd is very picky. Fortunately, I get to work from home, so bottle feeding is not a dire need, but my husband does enjoy feeding. I...
  6. baby wants to use me as a pacifier

    I need help! My 3 month old refuses to take a pacifier (the only of the three kids to do so), and sometimes will just scream if I put him down. I've tried a bouncy seat, swing, play mat, even...
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    Re: Fenugreek question

    I have the powered capsule that I bought from Natural Living Center. I didn't even know about the liquid form. I was taking two of the capsules twice a day, and I've now started taking them three...
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    Fenugreek question

    My son is 6 months old, and I've been back to work for about a month and a half. When I first came back to work, I could pump 8-9 ounces a day (I don't respond well to the pump at all), but now am...
  9. Re: maintaining/increasing milk supply

    Yes, I do only offer the breast at home, and I do it frequently. It also helps that he wakes up to nurse a couple of times during the night. I'm missing the extra sleep, but I'd rather be sleep...
  10. maintaining/increasing milk supply

    I have just started back to work in the office after having my second baby. He's now 5 months old. When I went back to work with my first baby, my milk supply dropped very quickly, and I never got...
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    Re: keeping up milk supply


    That was a very helpful link for me. One question...a piece of advice I got at my local LLL group was to pump one breast while nursing on the other, then switch. My concern with doing...
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    keeping up milk supply

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to the board, and I wanted to get some advice from other moms out there. I had my first baby in November of 2004. We nursed successfully for the entire 3 months I was out...
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