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  1. Can weaning process cause late period?

    In process of "don't offer, don't refuse" weaning. She dropped to 3x/day for the past 2 weeks or so and I haven't pushed dropping anymore feedings right now. DD is 12 months. Have had regular...
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    LO is self-weaning at 12 mo

    This will be a little long so sorry in advance...

    My LO will be 1 in 2 weeks. I have had supply issues depending on where I am at in my cycle and that has been going on since she was almost 4 mo...
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    orange spots in diaper?

    My sisters son is 3 mo old and EBFed. For 2 weeks he has had pink or orange spots in his pee diapers. The urine is normal color, these spots are kind of on top of the pee. It's hard to explain. ...
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    Re: letdown takes too long

    Alot of the time my letdown takes a long time with fluctuations in my hormones depending on where my cycle is. I have been dealing with this since my LO was 3 mo old(shes 9 mo now) I also dealt...
  5. Re: I think I'm done at almost 5 mos:-(((((((((


    Mine came back at 3 months and I have been struggling with my supply going up and down since. There have been many times I have wanted to quit b/c of the stress.

    When I know my...
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    Re: Fluoride Free Bottled Water?

    I don't really have an answer for the bottle water. I thought bottled water didn't have flouride in it unless specified. :shrug Distilled water doesn't have anything in it though I do know that.
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    Re: organic: gerber vs. earth's best

    I usually do Earths Best for any jarred food I use with DD3. We eat organic anyway so any finger food I have is already organic. With DD1 I made all her food. DD2 I never had the time to make...
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    Re: Baby bum question

    My LO only had the huge explosive BM's when I had an OS/OALD. They were not the true green color either. They were pretty liquidy and she was having these massive, ruin the outfit, up to the neck,...
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    Re: Drinking and breastfeeding

    I have 1-2 beers occasionally and breastfeed. I know they have these test strip things called Milkscreen at home test strips. My sister gave me a sample that she got at Babies r Us and I tried...
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    Re: never let me put her down

    I went through this with my DD2. She was hard to get to sleep and she would wake up constantly through the night and not want to go back to sleep. She would scream and cry the entire time we were...
  11. Re: OAS---undersuppy?! pleasepleaseplease help!!!

    You could look into a bedrail for your bed. I didn't do this until my third baby and I wish I had done it sooner. I'm sure I could have had better nights sleep and not be so smooshed if I had done...
  12. Re: Taking antibiotics, do I need to take anything else to prevent thrush?

    -Probiotic supplement

    -Yogurt-plain is best, I usually mash a little banana in it for some flavor

    -GSE(grapefruitseed extract) is a great yeast killer and safe while nursing. You can get it...
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    Re: Help 4 month biting

    I didn't ever have a problem with my other 2 with biting except for once or twice. My DD3 went through a phase of biting the worst of it lasted a month or so when she was around 4 months. Of course...
  14. Re: Need your thoughts on how to deal

    Yes I meant done emotionally. I always felt like since I decided to start weaning at a year that it was me causing the weaning. I never really thought of it as my daughters also doing the gradual...
  15. Re: Need your thoughts on how to deal

    Yes I was considering going longer than I have in the past. I have always been the one to start the weaning and thought maybe I'll just go until LO decides its time since its my last one. I've...
  16. Re: Need your thoughts on how to deal

    I was saying 14 months b/c thats around when I weaned my other 2 kids. I would never supplement with formula. Thats just not something I am willing to do. I will continue to nurse for at least...
  17. Need your thoughts on how to deal

    My DD3 is almost 9 months. I plan on nursing to a little over a year like I have with my other 2 DD(15 mo and 14 mo of BFing) The thing is I keep wrestling with whether or not its the right...
  18. Re: Is Coromega Fish Oil safe while breastfeeding?

    Yes it is safe. Omegas are healthy for you and your babies.
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    Re: already?!?!?

    I got mine at 3 1/2 mo pp with DD3, 8 weeks pp with DD2 and 5 mo pp with DD1. Once it came the first time it came every 4 weeks after that.
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    Re: A New Years ear infection

    Poor LO. I'm sure the antibiotics are causing diarreah. Antibiotics kill ALL bacteria, good and bad. Killing off the good bacteria can cause issues in the bowels. Make sure to supplement you and...
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    Re: I'm so thankful for this site

    I of course agree with all the pp.
    I got pregnant with my DD1 unplanned at 20 had her when I was 21. I never considered not breastfeeding. I had a horrible time with her latching the first...
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    Re: pacifier question

    My DD1 never took a paci but I also never introduced it b/c of major latch issues. I didn't give my DD2 a paci until she was 3 or 4 weeks and introduced it for use of car rides, etc. DD3 was 3...
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    Re: A few issues...Help!

    My LO had horrible skin issues that started when she was almost 3 weeks old. It started out as baby acne then got infected w/impetigo and it looked SO bad. Once I treated that the "regular" baby...
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    Re: 4 month old on strike??

    My LO went on a nursing strike at 3 1/2 mo and it lasted almost 3 weeks. It was a combo of teething and an OS for me. I just tried to sneak in feedings while she was sleeping b/c should refused...
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    Re: Sleep problems.. breast as pacifier

    Your LO sounds like my second DD who is now 3 1/2. She NEVER slept well. She would wake up 5-6 times a night on average sometimes more than that. Alot of the time she would go down ok and then 45...
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