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    Re: Please, help.

    Hi, Hang in there. :hug Your lo sounds just like mine did at that age/stage. All 3 of my babies were high needs. Some babies are just easier than others. At 5 months my lo was teething and she ended...
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    Re: 9 month old won't eat solids

    Hi, Hang in there. My lo was the same way at that age. Sometimes she ate good and other times she would have nothing to do with solids. Even on the days she ate good she would still wake to nurse 2-3...
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    Re: Rejecting solids - teething??

    Hi, Just wanted to say my lo went thru a stage like that around 9-12 months. Some days she loved solids and others she wanted nothing to do with them. I really didnt push the issue and now at 13...
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    Re: when to give water

    Hi, I gave my lo water just for fun around 5 months. She always wanted sips out of my cup. I thought what the heck why not and she really enjoyed it. :)
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    Re: postpartum hair loss

    Hi, I also had bad hair loss. I had hair everywhere. I could of took a rake to the carpet! Just now my daughter is 13 months and its getting better finally. You could have your iron levels/thyroid...
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    Re: Happy Birthday

    Congrats what a blessing!~!~!:clap Just curious as my friend wants another baby but her husband also had a vasectomy a few years ago. She is worried that it is very costly and not sure the odds etc.....
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    Re: Will she hate me

    Hi, No she will not hate you. :hug You will always have a special bond because of nursing. I wanted to stop at 1 year but neither of us seem ready yet at 13 months. :shrug :)
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    Re: flouride?

    No way I wouldnt anyways. Alot of countries have banned it. Scary!

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    Re: Hair Loss??

    Hi, I need to join the club too. My hair was falling out alot at first then stopped. Now my lo is 13 months and it is starting all over again. :cry I am thinking its hormones. :shrug
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    Re: is this gross?

    Hi, I have tried all kinds of ways. First I mixed it with BM then I did water. It seems like my lo prefers the water. I do add fruit to her cereal on occasion and she loves it. I think any way they...
  11. Re: Fussy -teething? Growth Spurt?

    Hi, I would say its all the above. Definally could be teething as my daughter started to teeth at 3-4 months and didnt actually cut teeth till 6 months and got 6 all at once! Also he could be...
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    Re: It happened again

    Hi, Like the pp said I first thought teeth too. My lo was like yours at that age. She started teething at 4 months and didnt get her first teeth till six 6 months. She got like 6 teeth all at once!...
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    Re: Is this a phase?

    Have you tried having your husband give her a sippy/snack instead? My lo wont take a sippy from me but from my husband she will. It does help us space her feedings a bit. I have thought of weaning...
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    Re: Is this a phase?

    My 13 month old just got over that phase also. She was nursing like a newborn for about 2 weeks. I think it is teething as I see two coming in plus we did move. Sounds like there is a 12-24 month...
  15. Re: 12 week old STILL eating every 2-3 hours

    Hi, I was gonna say I think your lo is doing pretty good. My lo at that age ate every 2 hours around the clock! Now at 13 months she is eating every
    3-4 hours. Between teething, growth spurts,...
  16. Re: Anyone know if I can drink this??

    Hi, I have actually tried it and really liked it. I didnt notice any changes in my lo while taking it. :shrug
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    Re: Naps and feeding

    Hi, My lo went thru that short nap period around 4-6 months. I think it was teething, growth spurts & milestones like crawling & sitting up etc.. When she did wake after 20 minutes I would try to...
  18. Re: Help! Anyone else experienced this??

    I would try to get her to eat from both and then pump if you feel you need to. I never did pump and my supply stayed fine during her 4-6 month weird feeding stage. Our bodies have amazing ways to...
  19. Re: Help! Anyone else experienced this??

    Hi, Could it be teething? My lo went thru the exact things yours is at that age. Sure enough at 6 months she got 6 teeth all at once! Also I did read that if they are learning new milestones etc.....
  20. Re: Can you please show me what your nursing "schedule" looks like for the day?

    Hi, Your schedule is about the same as mine for my 12 month old. My lo still wakes about 3-4X a night to nurse! I am thinking its teething as she does have alot of teeth coming in. I do offer her the...
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    Re: Cows Milk

    Hi, My lo is almost 13 months and I do offer her a little sippy of cow's milk at meals. I guess I do it just so she will get use to the taste. She seems to love it so far and still BF great.
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    Re: Freaked out...still

    Hi, If it were me I would use a bottle. My lo is 12 months and I wish I could have gotten her to take a bottle just so I could get a break. She did take the sippy at 3 months but would not take...
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    Re: 11 mo not interested!

    Hi, I wouldnt worry. My lo was kinda the same way. She is almost 13 months and is now just really getting into solids etc.. Just keep offering things and before you know it she will be taking bites...
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    Re: Rolled off the bed in his sleep!

    Hi, Dont feel bad it happens. My lo fell of the bed a few times. :( We finally put the bed off the frame and up against the wall and it really helped. :)
  25. Re: My 10 months-old breastfed every hour last night

    Hi, It could be a growth spurt or teething. My 12 month lo is going thru this right now. I am a all night buffet right now. I tried putting her in her own bed and it did not help but make me more...
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