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    Re: Dealing with thrush...

    My pedi also suggested eating lots of yogurt to help. I guess it has the cultures you need.
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    Re: From Bottle back to Breast

    I just wanted to offer some encouragement. I EP'd for 4 months with DS; he had been bottlefed since he was 3 days old. I would periodically stick on the nipple shield but he would resist until one...
  3. Re: Nipple shield issues and other questions...

    Thanks ladies for the support!

    The leaking is coming from the outside of the shield...at least that's what I think since there is usually milk dripping off his cheek after I pull him off. I...
  4. Nipple shield issues and other questions...

    When my son was first born I had a lot of difficulty with nursing...we tried nipple shields and tubes and nothing helped him to latch on. As a result I resorted to pumping and bottle-feeding. We...
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