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  1. Re: NICU baby and now milk supply issues

    don't worry about the poop. My little guy was on formula at first with several poops a day, when on 100% BM he now poops every 2-3 days but they are pretty big (he's 4 months)

    Babies all have...
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    Re: oatmeal...

    I'm not sure if that will help given that the amount is pretty small. BUT, what I did to relactate is to eat two bowls of oatmeal a day AND anytime I could get oatmeal in my diet I did through...
  3. Re: How many times a day should my 3 month old eat?

    Yep we're on the same thing about 6-7 feedings per day and tons of wets. My guy only poops every 2-3 days but they are massive, watch out!
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    Re: update on Jonah

    That is wonderful!:clap
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    Re: I Did It!

    Hi there! You can check out my regimine in my thread starting after 5 weeks. Basically I rented a hospital grade pump and pumped 8-10 times a day for 10 or more minutes (plus 5 minutes after the...
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    Re: Relactating at 8 weeks *updated*

    sounds like you're doing great! keep it up!
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    Re: Relactating at 8 weeks

    HI there!

    I'm the lady in the post about relactation. YOU CAN DO IT! The key is as much stimulation of the breast as possible. I let my LO latch on when he wanted to comfort suck before...
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    I Did It!

    Thanks to everyone for your support! I am now at full supply and no longer use the lact-aid device to feed DS! I started when he was 5 weeks old from NO MILK to full supply at 13 weeks old!

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    Re: Low prolactin receptors? Doomed?

    Hi there! Sorry its been a while here.

    I am on goat's rue now. I heard it takes about a month to see some significant changes so don't give up on goat's rue. I would up your intake of oatmeal,...
  10. Re: HELP! I'm sick today and can't take my herbs!

    Thank you! You are always so supportive of me in all my posts! I'm starting to feel better but the thought of anything in my tummy is still scary. So far I'm pumping a ton, so I'm worried that...
  11. HELP! I'm sick today and can't take my herbs!


    I have been ill with a tummy bug since 3 am today. I am unable to keep anything down. I am a relactating mama who just reached 100% supply recently and I'm so worried that by not taking my...
  12. Re: having trouble latching on right side

    What type of hold are you using? My right breast is larger than my left so this often happens to me as well. I find that if I'm really full this happens more often. I then have to switch to a...
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    Re: Low prolactin receptors? Doomed?


    Okay I supplemented from the get-go and at 5 weeks regretted my decision. I did not even pump at all. BUT, I am now making 100% supply! I am currently working on weaning from the lact-aid...
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    Re: Sns


    I can't really give any advice per se but I can speak about the SNS. I have used both the Medela SNS and the Lact-aid device. By far the Lact-aid in my experience is the BEST.

    How old...
  15. Re: Getting frustrated, keep me motivated!

    Hi and thanks!

    He is 12 weeks old now. I think he is going through a growth spurt actually. He wanted to nurse a ton today and I had to supplement with formula :( this afternoon I ran all out of...
  16. Getting frustrated, keep me motivated!

    Okay I am SOOOO frustrated!

    I've been relactating 7 weeks now. I've been using a lact-aid, fenugreek, oatmeal, domperidone, blessed thistle. I just added goat's rue and a milk tea a few days...
  17. Re: Confused, how much does a baby take per feeding?

    meant to add that I'll make one more trip to the LC to show her the charts and get comfortable with the new situation!
  18. Re: Confused, how much does a baby take per feeding?

    Okay thanks for the info! It looks like he's getting enough. Tonight he clustered and ate at 4 pm, 5pm, 7 pm and 9 pm and is finally asleep. That was in addition to 3 other feedings during the...
  19. Re: Confused, how much does a baby take per feeding?

    As far as output, he has nicely wet diapers at each feed, so at least 5-6 wet diapers per day. But we only get 1-2 poops every OTHER day. Is that okay? There are lots of stinky farts though! Not...
  20. Re: Confused, how much does a baby take per feeding?

    change that, I looked at my logs, he will eat 7-8 times per day.
  21. Confused, how much does a baby take per feeding?

    I've been relactating for 6 weeks now. My LO is now refusing the bottle (a bit stressful as he will be going to daycare in another week, eek! :yikes) and LOVES the breast.

    However, to make sure...
  22. Re: A step away from having to use formula!! HELP!!!

    I say KEEP PUMPING! Even if you are not pumping anything it sends a signal to your brain. Don't stop!

    I'm sorry to hear you are sick. I've had many sinus issues, including surgeries in my...
  23. How to make up that last 1.5 ounces!!!!!

    Okay so I've been relactating for 5 weeks now, after having not BF, pumped or anything for the first 5 weeks.

    So I rented a scale because I noticed that he's taking LESS of the breast milk in the...
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    Re: Getting started with 5 week old

    Okay, here we are just over the 5 week relactation mark and today I got a scale to test his transfer. I noticed that he's been fussy at the breast with the lact-aid so I think he doesn't need it.
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    Re: Am I making enough milk now?

    I have found that the more sleepy he is the more patient he is. All swaddled up and comfy in my arms he is content to just suck and I'll get a good 3 MORE let downs on EACH breast.

    I am just in...
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