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    Re: Discouraged

    I recently did a 2 week course of Reglan and found that it worked well for me (from fighting for 2oz to getting at least 4 every time). I do have a history of depression and was hesitant to try this...
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    Re: feeling down

    First things first- good for you for not just believing them and giving up!

    I have my own worries about weight gain while BF my LO but nothing like your. I did want to say that I recently saw a...
  3. Re: Restraining the baby & shallow latch

    I took my son to my chiropractor shortly after birth. It was very gentle (so much so that it almost didnt look like he was doing anything). Im not sure it helped but it sure didnt hurt! My LO was...
  4. Re: Decreased supply since returning to

    I havent started my period yet but have noticed some hormonal changes in the last few weeks (increased hair fallout in the shower which has slown down, some pms like symptoms as well as tiny bit of...
  5. Re: Decreased supply since returning to

    Its a Medela Pump In Style Advanced. I changed out the little white membranes that attach to the yellow valves just this past week- are those the membranes you're talking about or is their another...
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    Re: Brown Sugar Pop Tarts

    LOL!! My brain tells me that french fries wont help supply or milk quality but my heart says to try it anyway :)
  7. Decreased supply since returning to work

    Ive been back to work now for a little over 2 months (DS is 5 mo) and have seen a slow but unmistakeable decline in supply. I pump 3x a day (on roughly the same feeding schedule he is on at the...
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    Re: Accidently left milk out

    I gave it a sniff and it smells fine (basically like nothing). Im assuming that spoiled HM smells something like spoiled CM?
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    Re: Accidently left milk out

    The pack was cool but had melted and was no longer frozen. The interior of the insulated case was cool- not cold- but cool so I feel comfortable saying that it never reached room temp. For...
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    Accidently left milk out

    I pump at work and Friday when I got home I was distracted and forgot to put my milk away in the refrigerator. My milk was in a zippered insulated case with a freezer pack. I realized at about 5am...
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