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  1. Re: Improper latch/position question

    Hi Ga Mom , No harm will come of you correcting your positioning and latching issues, and that is great news that even a little change has produced some great improvements! I think mummas are...
  2. Re: Husband having trouble bottle-feedin


    This one? I have never seen one of these! Looks like it would definately be worth a try.

    This is a little bit worrying...
  3. Re: Husband having trouble bottle-feedin

    A quick limk that may be helpful... http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/alternative-feeding.html
  4. Re: Husband having trouble bottle-feedin

    Ouch, that sounds hard...:cry
    This isn't an area I am very familiar with but Im sure other mummas will chime in soon with some great suggestions. I know some people have had success with...
  5. Re: Don't want to stop BFing 8 month bab

    Im with the Queen up there.:thumbsup. Maybe not what you want to hear but -plenty of Mummas feed exclusively from one side.

    That sounds like hard going, pumping in your car. When are the States...
  6. Re: Weaning a strong-willed child with a

    I found this list from the Australian Breastfeeding Association really helpfu, just to see it all in one spot. I know that when I was still nursing Spuddy every two hours at least, day and night, at...
  7. Re: Weaning a strong-willed child with a

    Talk to him
    Talk about what is happening to build up an expectation of eventual weaning. You can point out older admired children who are weaned and tell him that one day he will be big like that...
  8. Re: encouragement for supplementing mum

    Thanks Zach's mum, I have put a longer reply on my other post in Heath, Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  9. encouragement for supplementing mum

    Hello all,Sorry for cross post, I have put this in the health forum as well but needed a
    speedy reply.

    I have a friend in hospital with severe tonsillitis. She is on a drip, has lost a
    lot of...
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    Re: dark green frothy poo

    Ok i finally managed to get here to sleep and found the info that pointed to hind/fore imbalance. For some reason i thought the frothy indicated an allergy. Can you believe i am trained to offer...
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    dark green frothy poo

    hi! i put this in Allergies as well but thought i might get more replies here.

    can somebody give me some info or links about dark green extremely frothy poo please. i have a very distressed baby...
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    Breast feels bruised.

    Ouch. My booby hurts. Ashley kicked me in the breast once and it felt like this. But I haven't had a kick recently.:rolleyes:
    Last night i was really engorged, I fed her like mad and expressed some...
  13. Re: Looking for BF encouragement...

    Oh yes, I am hearing you. We all go through this I'm sure. :ita
    The putting to bed thing...Check
    The comments in public...check
    The heartache when you try to refuse... check

    But you will know...
  14. Re: Told latch is good but having sore nipples

    :yikesHoly Cow Batman. What is the world coming too?
  15. Re: Clicking- is it always tongue-tie?

    I have a friend who's DS is 5 months now and he is the noisiest little thing. Like really loud! Click click click. He breaks off quite often as well and seems to swallow quite a bit of air. He has...
  16. Re: Baby is refusing to breastfeed since starting daycare - drastic drop in supply

    Bump. Wow Mumma sounds like you are pulling all the strings to make this work. There are plenty of pumping mummas on here that will be able to support you . :hug
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    Re: Maybe it is not for me

    From a LLL article...by Bonnie Tilson

    Another lying-down nursing technique, cross-over nursing, can also be effective for the large-breasted mother. In this position, the mother lies on her side,...
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    Re: Maybe it is not for me

    OK so I'm not having much luck here as I have a toddler hanging off my arm. But here are some quick tidbits 'til some one can fill in more details.

    Have you tried stuffing a rolled up handtowel...
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    Re: Maybe it is not for me

    Oh dear sounds like you are havin a tough time there Mama!!!!:hug

    Congratulations firstly for sticking with it this long, sounds like you are determined to make it work, nursing with a C section...
  20. Re: back & forth, from side 2 side

    OK I can completely identify withthis except Ashley doesnt just stop at the two. the last few days he has been looking for the 'other one' under my armpits, on my back and getting really cross when i...
  21. Re: totally refusing any solids

    Andrea, Im stalking you today!!!!:cool:

    Yup Ashley didnt realy swallow any food 'til he was 1. I used to get really stressed out about it as he is such a skinny little thing. BUt that BM is good...
  22. Re: how to encourage nursing through a strike

    Hi there:hello
    Wow that sounds like you are having a tough time. And stress doesnt help the sitch either...
    Nursing so bear with typos :lol
    My LO also striked at 7 months, think this is common....
  23. Re: Back to breast after frenulum clipping?! Help!

    Sorry to write such a long essay but just wanted to clarify that perhaps he is going to sleep at the breast because he isnt getting something straight away, as he does with the bottle. With a tube...
  24. Re: Back to breast after frenulum clipping?! Help!

    Hi there...:hello

    That's great that he is able to latch better now, must be a relief. His tongue muscles will be weak however, as he has'nt benn using them when bottle feeding. It should get...
  25. Poll: Re: Poll:If 1 breast makes more milk than the other,does it correspond w/your handedn

    Mine were wonky before I breastfed and now have evened out! Excellent. We can maybe add that to the list of 'Benefits of Breastfeeding':lol
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