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  1. Re: Another good Hand Expression Site

    this is the technique i used!
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    Re: Manual (hand) expression

    The video is great ! I used Manual expression to relactate for my son and it was a complete success! goodluck to you!!
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    Re: Hormonal Nightmare!!!

    good for you to be relactating !! It is very hard at first, wanting the milk to come and seeing such slooooww progress! BUT It DOES get better! It takes a while to notice the changes but they do come...
  4. Re: Reasons why one need to relactact?

    I have a friend who quit BF because she thought it was her milk and with my first i quit thinking i didn't have enough milk and that's why he cried so much.

    both of our babies had reflux :( so...
  5. Re: Attempting to relactate and latch

    relactatingmomforthelord- OMG I am so so happy for you! I haven't had time to check moving and all but it's great to see how far you have come! WAY to go!

    corey- wow nice to see where you are! 8...
  6. Re: What are the best supplements to take to re-lactate?

    these are two things that REALLY helped me as well!!

    about time it takes to induce lactation, I only BF him for a week, at 7 weeks really started to try to relactate, by 4 months of age he was BF...
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    Re: I'm just impatient. :\

    I haven't been able to post on these boards in a while but wanted to post and say that I was able to relactate with hand expression alone, I was lucky that my son would latch and comfort nurse as...
  8. Re: I had no idea this was possible

    i relactated without the use of meds, just hand expression and my sons comfort nursing! HTH!
  9. Re: Attempting to relactate and latch

    2-3 oz a day is wonderful! once i started getting more milk i didn't always have to pump every hour like i was. i had times where i went 3 but not many but sometimes the break was good while out and...
  10. Re: Domperodone rash????? HELP!

    I wasn't BF at the time so i really don't know if you can take it while doing so ? I did a search that said it's safe but always ask your Dr first!
  11. Re: Domperodone rash????? HELP!

    I always react like that with poison ivy, and such, it's the only thing I ever go to the Dr for ! even with the Prednisone they give me it takes me more time then most they say and i usually have to...
  12. Re: I had no idea this was possible

    - I already got my period back. Is this something that could affect my success of getting the milk back?

    It can effect your supply a little but a lot of women nursing with their period!

    - If I...
  13. Re: Relactating with Symphony pump

    an oz a day is great ! the reglan made me feel as horrible :( sorry about the sleep aid doing that. at least you figured it out right!

    I relactated with hand expression, so it can be done many...
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    Re: Encouragement

    these posts are so great to see! I wish you the best of luck :) You already have such a great positive outlook and so much determination! It's so encouraging !
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    Re: Desperate for Help

    Have you tried latching her when she is sleepy, or letting her fall asleep and trying to get her to comfort nurse in her sleep? with my son it was easiest when he was tired to get him to latch, also...
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    Re: Feeding with Implants

    any updates?? I hope that things have improved for you!
  17. Re: Please answer? Anyone succsessful besides Tiffany jewel?

    When I was here relactating i found it very hard to find others who did it or were even trying at first. then there were others trying and I had read so many success stories on other websites after...
  18. Re: Sucsess rate of relactation?

    that's great she is still latching! I relactated it can happen and does happen if you have the patience and determination ! and if little one will still take you! I hand expressed (Pump gives better...
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    Re: Feeding with Implants

    Hi I just wanted to say I had my BA in July 05 and got PG in early August 05! not even a full month later. So when I had a lot of breast tenderness and internal pains I thought it was from my BA and...
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    Re: Please help

    what you are doing is wonderful! Just remember it will be a gradual increase :) It's only been 2 weeks so you really have such a great chance at success it helps so much that she latches! try to...
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    Re: help please

    that's wonderful! I started relactating around 6 weeks (quit for 5 weeks) and the first week was the hardest! once you get your routien set up and get comfortable it does get easier! I wish you lots...
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    Re: help please

    hey goodluck first, i would try to get your little one back to the breast as much as possible to stimulate your breast more. He will get the milk the best!
    it's only been 2 weeks so it shouldn't...
  23. Re: At my wits end and almost ready to give up! HELP!!!

    my little guy wouldn't take the breast either at first, he would sometimes with the shield but he would take it a day then go days and refuse it or me again. it was really frustrating 2 steps forward...
  24. Re: Just got a period. Will I loose my milk?

    my supply was never effected

    THOUGH I did get a period at 6 weeks post partum while feeding formula, once i started relactating and expressing then once i was no long supplimenting I didn't get...
  25. Re: re-lac using only herbs & no dom???

    i tried various herbs and stuff and none worked . I relactated with just hand expression and putting baby to the breast as often as possible (oh and oatmeal and water!)

    anyway it worked for me!...
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