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  1. Re: Feel like I am failing at breastfeeding

    I just want to tell you that your an amazing mommy and stay strong!! Breastfeeding is hard those first few weeks but just keep offering him the breast as much as he will take it!!! just trust your...
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    Re: Dentist info accurate?

    Ya I'm doing some research on this dentist and they may be running a scam!!! They charged mt 11k to a care credit account for work I have not had done yet! I'm like literally in tears so many bad...
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    Dentist info accurate?

    Hi! I am currently EBF my 12 week old DS. I just got home from an emergency dental visit where I had a root canal. Also due to my lack of flossing :( I have periodontist or moderate gum disease. I...
  4. Re: Only sleeping for an hour at night

    Going through the same thing with 8 week old!!!! Last night I finally just stopped looking at the clock and fed on demand all night. We were off work today so baby and I stayed in bed until 10...
  5. Re: Pumping for the occational bottle

    Great advice!! Thank you!! Never even thought of giving it to my daughter!!!
  6. Pumping for the occational bottle

    Hello Ladies!!

    So I EBF my daughter for 14 months she is now 4 and I can't really remember pumping all that much for her. It seemed more of a hassle than anything since I was then and still am a...
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