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    Re: should I wake to feed

    I agree with PP. Let your lo sleep! And use the time to catch up on your own rest, too. I'm sure you need it. Your baby will let you know when he is hungry.

    I didn't wake DD and I never had a...
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    Re: 7 week old not sleeping, please help!

    Have you tried a bath and a swaddle before nap time? My daughter loved swaddling. It was what finally got her to take naps in her crib instead of on me!
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    Re: How much longer...ready to wean

    Hi Molly:

    DD must have read my mind. We haven't nursed since Friday. On Saturday morning, she asked and I put her to my breast, but then she started crying "no boo boo". She hasn't asked since.
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    How much longer...ready to wean

    At what age did your lo finally self wean? Because I am SOOOOOO ready!

    DD is 27 months. We've had a wonderful bf experience together. We are down to one last session in the morning. To be honest,...
  5. Re: Worst. Pumping. Experience. Ever. - Pumping While Traveling

    You're dedicated.:clap I would have just endured the engorgement and pumped like mad at my destination's airport bathroom. There is barely enough room for me to wash my hands in those little plane...
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    Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    I have no good advice on the milk. My daughter was NOT a big milk drinker until about 17 months. Then she couldn't get enough of the stuff.

    As for the solid foods--try adding olive oil to...
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    Re: Teething At Six Months?

    Sounds like teething to me. Is she drooling too?

    My daughter started teething around 4 months and got her first tooth by 5 months. She is now 26 months and has all of her teeth, including the 2 yo...
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    Re: How many nursing mothers cosleep?

    I never co slept and I regret it. My mother scared me with all kinds of stories of moms rolling over on their babies and crushing them. So for 15 months, everytime DD cried I rolled out of bed,...
  9. Re: Question from Husband/Father - help please

    I only have a two year old and at the close of every day I am EXHAUSTED. And I'm not even a SAHM ( I salute you all!), instead I work outside the house FT so I get a break.

    At this stage, I can't...
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    Re: High needs and Breastfeeding

    I never knew "high needs" to relate to a feeding schedule. I was told and came to expect DD would feed 8-12 X per day for the first few months.

    I equated high needs to be how much a beby needed...
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    Re: am I eating enough?

    I found in the first few months after DD was born I didn't have much of an appetite. Plus--I was so busy nursing that I rarely found time to eat. To counter this, I'd set-up a healthy snack station...
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    Re: Mom to be - scared to death

    I just had to chime in. There are more of us out there than you know. Lucky moms with no problems.

    My daughter was latched on about 5 minutes after birth and then we were off. 26 months later, we...
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    Re: Desperately need advice

    Please don't give up. You are probably jsut going through a bad patch. I had several of them during my pumping at work days.

    The fact you are stressed for time could be the problem. I know...
  14. Re: Supply, no letdown when pumping, growth spurt? help!

    i don't know anything about IUDs.

    But..as far as pumping, have you tried getting in a session early a.m before your lo is up? I use to get up at 4:30-5 am and pump one side (the side least...
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    Re: What a day

    I hope you were able to borrow a sweater:yikes :yikes :yikes
  16. Re: BM, immune system - is it enough? Help, need support!

    Daycare centers are like petri dishes. Most have a policy that a parent can't bring a child in until it has been at least 24 hours without a fever. As a PP pointed out though, many kids are...
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    Re: Probably going to quit today

    :hug Take a deep breathe and calm yourself. It is so easy to get upset and frustrated--I've been there many times myself. You are doing the very best you can for your lo and this is just a bump in...
  18. Re: Help! 2 weeks till start of work, baby refuses bottle!

    Your lo will adjust. My daughter was the same way. It was a rough first week but eventually she started taking bottles. Of course--she never excepted a single bottle from me in her entire life. :yikes
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    Re: When did you...

    I pumped at work for over a year-- from three months to 15 months. I pumped once in the a.m. before lo was up (4:30 am or 5:00 ugh!) and two times at work--11:30 am and again at 2:30pm. I got about...
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    Re: how much whole milk?

    My ped just told me 16 to 24 oz per day. Any more could lead to iron deficiencies. They recommend whole milk until 2 years. My LO is on the small size (14% weight) so our ped told us to continue with...
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    Re: Breast Pads - what brand?

    Lansinoh--the very best imo
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    Re: Im drained but she is still hungry, help!

    7 weeks was a fussy period for my daughter. I think it was a growth spurt. She ate like every 45 minutes. Just keep her nursing! Lots of wet diapers and a generally happy baby means you are doing...
  23. Re: Just back to work and need pumping basics!!!

    It can be rough getting started but you will eventually get into a groove and things will get easier.

    I pumped for 15 months with my Ameda Purely Yours (v. good pump! highly recommend). My...
  24. Re: What is the average age for self-weaning?

    That is exactly the way I would like it...as few tears as possible. It has been a wonderful journey--I'd hate to have our final memories be traumatic ones. So we will continue chugging along. I...
  25. Re: What is the average age for self-weaning?

    Hi Trish! :) It is rare I find a poster from way back when I first started posting! Hope you and your lo are doing well!

    It has been amazing! But I don't know if I could continue nursing until...
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