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  1. Re: excess snot in baby nose interferes with breathing help please

    If it becomes a big problem with feeding/sleeping there is Carboxifed which dries up nasal secretions, my ds2 would have some sleep apnea due to conjestion, and the carboxifed (rx) helped sooooooo...
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    Re: gassy baby

    Have you addressed latch/positioning issues? My Son was/is very gassy and I have overactive letdown (which contributes to his reflux) that means the milk comes out really fast and makes them swallow...
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    Re: is it reflux?to use zantac?

    It's very hard to determine Reflux without an upper GI Xray, and that is REALLY horrible for infants, unless they are having breathing issues I wouldnt do it. Signs or reflux can be, grunting when...
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