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    Re: I'm so proud

    Great job! :clap
  2. Re: Ouch! Not biting, per se, but more "latching with teeth"

    Thank you all! Yesterday he did really good the first time we nursed, but then went right back to the same habits. I'll continue trying new positions and hope that when the tooth comes in, it will...
  3. Ouch! Not biting, per se, but more "latching with teeth"?

    My son just turned 17 months, and for the past few weeks, he has been really rough. I'm sure he's teething, and he's not really biting in the "chomping down" way, but I feel like he's latching with...
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    Re: Pep Talk

    I just made a post on this subject. I am on the other side; 6 months ago I was thinking, there is no way I can pump for this exact amount of time again, but Tuesday was the last day I pumped. I know...
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    Almost into "Toddlerhood"

    DS will be 1 in less than 2 weeks, and I just wanted to say thank you for the support the boards have given! I honestly didn't post much, but so many of the issues I had were answered in others'...
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    Stretching stored milk supply

    My lo is 7.5 months old and when I'm working, gets 3.5 oz of expressed milk every 2-2.5 hrs. Recently, my stash, which once was great has dwindled. Then last week, I forgot to put my milk in the...
  7. Still hungry, trying to suck thumb, or something else?

    LO is 9 weeks old, and sometimes in the evening, he gets fussy when he eats. I know that supply isn't always as high as in the morning, and sometimes I can attribute it to gas. So after I burp him,...
  8. Gave LO "practice" bottle of expressed milk this morning

    First, I thought I would be really happy when he could start taking the bottle and give me options for my mom to watch him for an evening or DH to watch him while I left for more than an hour (I know...
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    Re: Work retail by myself - how to pump

    Thank you. I'll make sure to have them schedule me when I can take breaks (when others are working), because that definitely makes sense about my body getting used to not having milk at certain...
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    Re: Work retail by myself - how to pump

    I'll go back to work mid March, and will probably be back to the full time shifts mid to late April. So he'll be around 4 months old.
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    Work retail by myself - how to pump

    My lo is 5 w 1 d, and I'll probably be going back to work in about 4 weeks. When I start back, I'll only be doing a few days a week and can request to work evenings, so I'm not alone. This way, I can...
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