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  1. Re: Flailing and crying while latched on

    Is it strange that he seems to be better when I'm rocking him?
  2. Flailing and crying while latched on

    My LO is 11 weeks old and recently he has made BFing difficult. He will be doing fine then randomly start flailing his arms and legs. He will then get really fussy and cry a little while he's...
  3. Re: Sleeping through the night, very full in the morning....

    I'm having the same problem. I'm wondering if it's normal for my breast to ache for hours after being engorged. It's been 7 hours since I woke up with a soaked bra and in a lot of pain. I'm still...
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    Re: 16 day old only sleeps when being held!!

    Dang my baby boy just started this today. I feel bad that he's not getting enough sleep, but I have to do basic things like shower and eat.
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    Re: Meningitis

    Did she test positive for group B strep while she was pregnant? We were very worried that my little one would end up the same way because I tested positive.
    Anyways I would meet her outside the...
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    Re: more sore nipples

    The breast pump belonged to the hospital. It wouldn't surprise me if the nurse that gave it knew it was for a woman with bigger nipples. (I had more then one problem with her.)

    I do seem to have...
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    more sore nipples

    My ds was born a week ago. While in the hospital I had a breast pump that resulted in some very bloody, cracked nipples. I'm still having problems with them, but lanolin seems to be helping. I'm...
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