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    Re: Concerned and overwhelmed

    I'm sorry it's feeling so hard!!!

    I agree with the comment just above that actually, 12 oz sounds like a lot. In fact, I think it's more than I pumped in the same amount of time. Is he still...
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    Re: Constipated

    DD1 had some issues with constipation that were completely resolved when we started mixing ground flaxseed into her oatmeal. If we miss ~2 days, the constipation can come back - otherwise, it's...
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    Re: Ignorance... I need to VENT!!

    On top of every other beneficial thing you are doing for your DD, the fact that you are working so hard to decide for yourself what is right for her and for you and to make it happen is surely...
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    Re: Blood in Milk

    I agree it's safe to give.

    I also wanted to add that I had this happen once, when I suddenly went from pumping once a day to many times a day, and I got so chaffed that a nipple cracked and...
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    Re: The look on a doctors face...

    From one medical-professional to another: I hear you on the our-schedule-is-just-different front, and love that you're helping educate those around you!!!

    I'm amazed how often I'm embarrassed...
  6. Re: Weaned!! Can't believe it went so smoothyl!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    I'm starting to wonder how it will play out for my almost-two year old if I get pregnant soon... wondering, for example, whether toddlers really ever just self-wean if...
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    Re: weaning a newborn

    I would also advise you to push your MD on looking into whether going on medication and stopping nursing is really the best option. If it is, I'm all for it - clearly your health is more important...
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    Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    The stress BFing can cause in a marriage was a surprise to me, as well. Especially given that my DH is generally so spectacularly supportive! I can tell, though, that he has some sense that until...
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    Re: Depressed about Weaning

    My DD is about to turn two, as well.

    I have a terrible work schedule, where I work very long hours - and for weeks at a time, I work nights. Then I work (long) days again. Then a few nights. ...
  10. Re: Need help - Serious seasonal depression and nursing a toddler

    I totally agree with the light therapy recommendation!! Even if you weren't nursing, it would be my first recommendation.

    - the friendly neighborhood psychiatrist
  11. Temas: Normal?

    by @llli*ammamd

    Re: Normal?

    My understanding is that whether you're pumping or nursing, most people have more milk in the morning, just in general.

    If you want to try to change that, you can always try to "teach" your body...
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    Re: Not eating, only nursing

    If he seems otherwise happy and energetic, and is making normal output, I'd probably let it be at least a while longer, if you're able to handle it... but if you're concerned that he seems lethargic...
  13. Re: How do you find/make a place to pump at work? (office)

    "What a good point! (to be chill about it). I can be the one to set the tone that I am not doing some weird wacky thing, but rather I am doing what a typical mother of an infant does when she must...
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    Re: Working and extended BF

    We've made it to now almost 14 months despite my schedule as a medical resident... and I don't plan to stop any time soon!

    My daughter has always liked bottles as well, and never been obsessed...
  15. Re: 13 month old yanking on nipple when nursing on the other.

    My 13 month old daughter totally does this as well. I think it helps trigger letdowns more efficiently? So, I sometimes let her do it when our schedule is all mixed up and she missed when I had a...
  16. Re: Relearning to nurse after a year break

    This is such a sweet thread. Thanks for sharing it!
  17. Re: 3 months and pumping for back to work

    Just wanted to say my experience very much matched the previous poster. Sounds like you're doing great!
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    Re: snapping/popping! help!

    I love the pumpinpal.com shields, which are curved rather than an abrupt angle...
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    Re: Etiquette for pumping at work

    I also work in a male-dominated environment.

    I have found that if I make a reference to "pumping" or even "pumping milk" out of nowhere, people are confused and then feel awkward as they figure it...
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    Re: One breast responds better?

    This sounds frustrating! It's not something I've come across before. My only two thoughts:

    1) I had to hand express for a while when I got cut on one side, and it was a total sticky mess... and...
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    Re: LO prefers bottle

    I worried and worried about this possibility, although it didn't end up happening for us much.

    One thing I found looking for ways to avoid it was to really have whoever is giving a bottle try as...
  22. Re: Working nights and extended breastfeeding

    @Troll18: Thanks so much for the update!! I'm glad to hear it. It's also reassuring to be reminded that my daughter is understanding more and more of what we say to her by the day... and so by the...
  23. Re: Working nights and extended breastfeeding

    I've been wondering about roughly the same set of problems.

    We do have some experience with it, because I've had some overnight shifts this past year already, plus been away on interviews, so he's...
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    Re: pumping progress


    And, I totally know the need to share the pumping situation. I think it's very hard for anyone who hasn't done it to realize just how huge of a project pumping for a baby is - and how...
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    Re: biting and moving around a lot!

    I'm not sure whether this would work for other babies or not, but when my daughter started to do that a bit I would just immediately remove the nipple and say "No." in a very sad, solemn voice while...
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