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  1. Re: 1st TIme Mommy - Newborn Breastfeeding Help

    My LO had a terrible time latching for the first week.... cracked nipples, extreme pain, etc. Even after that, I could get her to latch, but it seriously took me 15 minutes of stressing and sweating...
  2. Re: How often/how long to pump to increase supply?

    Our nursing sessions go something like this:
    Latch on great, after about 10 seconds have a letdown, I can hear her swallowing but only for about 3-5 minutes. After that, she's sucking but not...
  3. How often/how long to pump to increase supply?

    Ok, I am at a crossroads here. My DD is 6 weeks old and we have gone through periods of exclusively breast feeding and times when we supplement with formula after feeding because she just didn't...
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    Re: Please tell me this too shall pass!

    Wow, I swear our kids could be twins! I am having some similar issues, and just wrote a post last week with similar questions. I got some great responses, but the consensus was to hang in there. ...
  5. Frothy, painful, and frequent stools (long)

    Hi everyone. My 4 week old daughter has been having an increased number of stools for the past 2 days. I wouldn't be so concerned except for 2 changes we've noted: her stool looks frothy and she...
  6. 8 hour long "cluster feedings" normal?

    Hi everyone, I've been reading the forums for the past 2 weeks, but this is my first post. So far I've made it through a bad latch, cracked nipples, and a small case of mastitis, but I need help with...
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