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  1. Weaning, first post partum and birth control

    Hi all!
    So I've been gradually beginning to wean my almost 18 month old. We had some out if town family visiting for an extended stay about 1 1/2 months ago. He was so excited during that time that...
  2. 1 week old-supply question and some other issues...

    Oversupply ??

    My baby boy (#3) will be a week old tomorrow evening. Nursing has been a little challenging, despite having nursed my other two.
    DS#1 - tongue tied (tight phrenulum), painful...
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    Re: Post weaning question

    Thanks! Is it normal to be so tender though?
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    Post weaning question

    It's been a week since I've completely weaned my 12.5 mo old son. The last feeding to go was a literally two minute feeding at 12am. He had been already getting rice milk bottles (which were slowly...
  5. Re: in much need of advice and support!F

    Thx for ur reply...we r getting into a pretty good routine. I nurse five times including the early morning Feeding. I try to pump at least 1xday to get him used to having a bottle instead of me, and...
  6. Re: 10 mo constant nursing is hard on me

    OMG! you are not alone. you will appreciate this story. my husband and i recently (over the summer) bought a king size bed to replace our two twin beds. i co-slept pretty much for my ds's first 6...
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    Re: Need help fast! Please:)

    okay, here's what you should try...based on my awesome lactation consultant from when i lived in ny... i cant promise it'll work, im having a similar problem as you, and i came to the boards here for...
  8. Re: in much need of advice and support!F

    thanks...yea i realized i i'm facing an uphill battle! ive been working on the daytime more. over the last 2 weeks, my ds has shown an increased interest in the food i'm eating and has increased what...
  9. Re: in much need of advice and support!F

    thanks for your response! ive been trying with several lovies over the months and he has not been interested in more than holding it and throwing it on the floor and rubbing me or my shirt or...
  10. in much need of advice and support!FAST!

    Where to even begin... my 10 month old son (ds#2) is highly allergic to many foods, restricting my diet tremendously. I too have many food allergies which further limits what i can eat. as a result,...
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    Weaning with allergies

    I am preparing to begin weaning my son, but am not sure how to go about doing it. He is 15 months and has been nursing and drinking expressed milk in a bottle/sippie when im at work. He currently...
  12. Re: How many hours a day are you away from LO?

    9 hours including commute, 5 days a week. It used to be 3 days a week but I accepted a promotion eventhough it meant less time with my DS. He just turned one year and have been BF. He pretty much...
  13. Re: red splotches on baby's face while nursing

    do u have any food allergies? my first thought would be that maybe your LO could be r eacting to something in your milk. but that's prob just me over reacting because i have so many allergies and i...
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    Re: Desparate for solid sleep!

    Thanks for your responses and encouragement...so I do sleep with my nipple covered and then open up (very easily) once my son wakes up. That's not as much an issue for me as the actual positioning of...
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    Desparate for solid sleep!

    Hey all! I'm new to the boards, so I am not up with all the lingo and abbreviations.

    My son (first and child) is just about 8 months old, cut his first tooth 3 days ago (yay!) and is meeting all...
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