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  1. Re: EXPERT HELP NEED ASAP>>Sorry Long any thing is appreciated

    Where was his weight on the chart at birth, 1mo, etc? Has he always been around the 5% mark? After 4mos the growth curve of BF babies does start to level out a bit (4-5oz per week gain). If he's...
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    Re: Frustrated 18 month old

    Not sure that I can offer any advice but I can commiserate. My DD2 who is 15mos is the same way. She was always a "nurse on one side per session" kid but now I'm switching back and forth and back and...
  3. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    More good news! DD2 ate fish fry and applesauce on Friday night, lots of baked sweet potato on Saturday night, and a ton (and I do mean a ton) of soulful stew tonight (corn, black eyed peas, celery,...
  4. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    Thanks all for the continued suggestions. I'm taking notes LOL!

    So last night I worked late and thus DH was on his own with the girls for dinner. I get home and learn that DD2 ate a ton of rice...
  5. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    Her iron was tested at her 12mo visit and was fine. We are almost out of vitamin so I could get one with added iron and see if that helps.

    We get a daily log at daycare plus they send home her...
  6. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    Good suggestions. I have thought about sweet potato fries but haven't tried them yet and the suggestion for zucchini in things is great too. We have a waffle maker and a griddle so I need to find...
  7. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    She's getting daily poly-vi-sol. Not sure if there's something better?
  8. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    I wish. I do keep trying eggs. Haven't tried hard boiled yet...

    Oh and to make it harder, she's in a daycare classroom with another child with a very severe dairy and soy allergy so lunches have...
  9. Re: How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    I wish she'd eat beans. We've tried red, black, white, chickpeas, edemame. Throws them off her tray. She won't eat toast. Won't eat any type of pasta/noodles/rice.

    If we put just some cooked...
  10. How to increase nutrition for my picky 15mo?

    Long time no see everyone! I've been absent from here for a few months but have an issue that I know you smart mamas will have some advice for me on.

    DD2 is 15mo. She still nurses to bed and...
  11. Re: Pumping and traveling, need a strategy

    Thanks for the response. With DD1 I didn't completely pump wean until she was 14mos, so when I traveled after that point I just pumped before bed and once in the a.m. which is how often we nursed.
  12. Re: Pumping and traveling, need a strategy

    Bump. Anyone?
  13. Pumping and traveling, need a strategy

    Hello old friends. It's been a few months since I've been here. Boy does life with 2 and working full time get crazy busy!

    I'm having a dilemma and knew this was the right place to seek advice!
  14. Re: He wants to breastfeed AND suck on fingers

    DD2 is doing that. What works for me is giving her a few ring a links or a nursing necklace to fiddle with.
  15. Re: 14week old just snacks and naps


    On day 2 of DD2 wanting to be latched to me all day long. She'll nurse until she falls asleep, sleeps as long as she's still being held, the wakes the minute she's put down only to want...
  16. 14week old just snacks and naps

    I'm going back to work next week so I've been trying to track DD2's nursing and napping patterns to give DCP some idea of her rhythm. Apparently she's quite the snacker and cat napper. Today for...
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    Re: Anyone not co-sleeping?

    I don't cosleep with DD2 and didn't with DD1. When DD1 was waking 2-3x's a night I'd just sit in the rocking chair to BF and close my eyes and rest. When she was about 9mos we put a toddler rail on...
  18. Re: fresh or frozen...returning to work ?

    I also did fresh Tues-Fri and then frozen on Mondays. This kept the freezer stash rotating...I didn't want it all to expire and be wasted.
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    Re: Begin pump weaning? Feel torn

    I remember feeling the same way when DD1 turned a year old. I think I started pump weaning around 14mos and cut out 2 of the 3 sessions and held on to one session for a month or so. I just had a hard...
  20. nipples compatible w/ medela bottles?

    Anyone know if there are other brands of nipples that are compatible w/ medela bottles? I used medela w/ DD1 successfully and so bought all new ones for DD2. Well the newer version have a slow flow...
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    Re: Pacifiers

    DD1 never wanted a paci as much as I wanted her to take one some days. DD2 sometimes will take one. We have the soothies version.

    I think at this stage you are more than safe supply wise and...
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    Re: someone remind me please...

    I can sympathize. DD2 is 6wks this Wednesday and some days, like today, I can't get a darn thing done. I actually put her in the car and ran a quick errand just to have a few minutes without...
  23. Re: Breast Feeding and Bowel Movements

    Could be normal. DD2 was born on a Wed., came home on a Fri, and didn't poop from Fri to Mon morning. Has pooped everyday since then. If you are concerned call the ped.
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    Re: Supply drying up

    :hug BF can be a difficult process in the beginning. I too have a 5wk old so I know how challenging a newborn can be in the early weeks.

    Have you tried supplementing with BM instead of formula?...
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    Re: sad beyond belief

    Are you supplementing with formula or BM?

    Have you had him weighed before and after a nursing session by an LC?
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