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    We Did It!!! 15 MONTHS!

    I havent posted in a long long time. But I wanted to let you ladies know that we did it. 15 months of nursing. It was my goal. We did it. My Dylan is 16.5 months old, and he is awesome! He still is...
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    Re: Relactating 6 months on...

    I need some info on re-lactating myself I stopped nursing Dylan, my 16 month old about a month and a half ago. I still can get milk out of my breasts. Here is my question. How long would it take me...
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    I Made It 1 Year!!!!

    Today is my sweet Dylan's birthday. And I made it 1 year of breastfeeding, and we are still going strong!!! Thank you so much for all the advice and support over the last year.
  4. 10 month old wanting to nurse ALL NIGHT!

    My DS is almost 10 months, and he still is wanting to nurse all night long. We cosleep, so yes I do side nurse. But, he sleeps for about 4 hours straight, then after that he is wanting to nurse...
  5. Re: 9.5 mo. old frusterated at nursing

    We cosleep already, but even with cosleeping he is awake a lot. Daddy works 3.5 nights out of the week so I dont get daddy til tomorrow. we just got an ENT appt. for next Friday, but it seems like...
  6. 9.5 mo. old frusterated at nursing

    My 9.5 month old is exclusively breastfed, he will eat 3 meals a day and does drink out of a sippy cup occasionally during the day. Dylan will nurse during the day every 2-4 hours, usually more...
  7. Always needing to nurse to sleep/all night?

    My 7.5 month old is EBF. He nurses about 6-9 times a day during the day, and he has between 1-2 meals a day, usually a 4oz jar of baby food. When he was younger I was able to get him to lay down and...
  8. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    DS is 7.5 months. We do both BLS and purees, just depends on what we are eating. So far he has had:

    sweet potatoes
  9. Re: How long did your mensturation take to return?

    I was able to get Mirena 7 wks PPD and I never had a period. I had to get a blood test pregnancy test. But my LO is 7.5 months and I still havent had a period, with Mirena.
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    Re: Pinching, scratching and pulling

    Ugh I hear you. :yikes Those pinching fingers hurt! My 6 month old is completely amused by my mouth. He tries to grab it and it hurts! I usually end up holding one hand and then putting the other...
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    Re: Nursing strike or teething?

    I have no advice because I am having some issues of my own. But :hug:hug mama. I am hoping it is just teething!
  12. Re: 6 month old fussier during day- bfing or teething??

    It is definetly not enjoyable. :cry So since I have posted this, Dylan has thought aht he needs to nurse almost ever hour! It is horrible, he is distracted at some feedings and then others he is so...
  13. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    Dylan is 6.5 months and so far he has had:

    Sweet Potato
    Oatmeal cereal
    Sweet Potato fries
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    Re: Confused about solids!

    I started on oatmeal with DS2, and he has had both purees and finger foods. DS1 I never did BLS as I never knew it exsisted. There is nothing wrong with purees, and nothing wrong with BLS. Do what...
  15. 6 month old fussier during day- bfing or teething??

    So my 6 month old has been so fussy lately! Last week there were two days where he just cried and cried and ate all the time- I mean like every hour! And they were short feedings, and he always...
  16. Re: is solids 3x a day too much for a baby under 12 mo?

    Wow, if that number is right, that is a huge amount of food! You might want to back off of the foods, and his nursing strike will probably end.
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    Re: Please help, we're both crying

    Agrees with what everyone says. Every baby has a fussy period, best to work through it the best you can, and if you are ever concerned about your supply, nurse nurse nurse! If unsure, do you have a...
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    Re: Am I misreading cues?

    First off, congrats on your twins! You must be so busy with your double blessing! :hug

    My thought is agreeing with the overactive let-down. 3 hrs inbetween feedings is a long time. I know when DS2...
  19. Re: I've made it 6 months BF'ing! :)

    :hug:hug will.smom! :) happy 6 months to you too!
  20. I've made it 6 months BF'ing! :)

    My sweet baby boy is 6 months today! And I have made it 6 months breastfeeding!!! :happytears:happytears I am so proud of myself, I didn't know how far I could at the beginning. I have enjoyed it so...
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    Re: Going on vacation tomorrow...help!

    I agree with everyone. Enjoy your vacation!

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    Re: We made it: One Year Bfing!

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! :hug:hug:clap:clap
  23. Re: Solids Thread: What Have You Tried? How Old Is Your LO?

    My little guy will be 6 months on Tuesday, and I held off of solids until 2 weeks ago, and finally gave in because he is a very hungry guy. So far he has had:

    Cereal (just for fun)
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    Re: Hi there! New here!

    Most definetly true. Most moms here believe that food is only for fun and practice, not for calorie intake or to take place of milk.

    Here is a website that talks about the benifits of...
  25. Re: Intro solids, ebf and now a tad constipated?

    :) YAY! LOL Definetly watch the bananas... I think tonight I am going to cook up a pear and let him have at it, hoping it will help deconstipate him. I will try the finger up that way, though I know...
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