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    Playtex pump

    Hey ladies,

    I just purchased a Playtex Embrace Double Pump from a community consignment sale and wanted to see if anyone else has experience with this pump. It is in Excellent condition, in...
  2. Re: Should I wake up LO to eat at 8wks?

    Thnks ladies!! I'll just enjoy it while it lasts :D
  3. Should I wake up LO to eat at 8wks?

    My LO is 8 wks today (yay!!) and although I am not complaining, I am a little concerned that I allowed her to sleep so much last nite. I fed her on both sides at 10:30 before we went to bed and she...
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    Re: overwhelmed!!!!

    My LO is 5 wks tmrw and just went through a grow spurt as well. After 4 days she was back on a regular schedule. I too felt like giving up, but hang in there b/c it does get easier and now her 3 hr...
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    Re: Tongue Tied

    I just experienced this with my newborn (a month old yesterday) and after consulting with a LC, she recommended using a nipple shield (helps to draw out the nipple and protect it). What a...
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