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    Re: Toddler/Preschooler Check-In

    Child's Age: 27 months
    Approx. height/weight: 35 inches/ 28.8 lbs
    Are you weaned, weaning, or going strong?we were weaning,but since getting sick we are back to lots of comfort nursing
  2. Re: 11 months old and still won't eat solids!

    Your SIL is wrong, breastmilk doesn't magically only feed babies under a year, your LO will be fine if you exclusivley BF until they are ready for solids.

    My son wasn't really into solids until 13...
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    Re: Feeling down :(

    You are doing well- I have no new advice that the other ladies didn't already say, just want to encourage you and let you know that it's hard to start, I know for me it was but you are doing the...
  4. We've started weaning - slow and steady

    I didn't think I would ever want to be here, but we are and I am happy. I don't think Owen will be weaned for months and months but we've started the process.

    I was wondering though anyone drop...
  5. Re: Feeding newborn for two hours? is it normal?

    My son would nurse for 45 minutes then stop for 5-15 then getback on from 5-10 at night , so it sounds normal to me.

    At 10 days old he is establishing your milk supply, I think the best thing you...
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    Re: Rice Cereal?

    I would be concerned about it being a choking hazard.
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    Re: DS not sleeping...

    Around that age my son did the same thing, except soon even being next to me he wasn't sleeping and we resorted to a modified CIO, I wish I had stuck it out though, I feel a lot of guilt about that...
  8. Poll: Re: Are outside influences encouraging you to wean?

    I get comments but I happily ignore them and keep on going.

    I really don't care what others think.
  9. Re: Can you please show me what your nursing "schedule" looks like for the day?

    Same with my 18 month old ! Sometimes 2x a night.
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    Re: Please get your toe out of my ear...

    I got a heel in my jaw yesterday, hurt like a *****!
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    Re: Vomitting Baby

    I would nurse nurse nurse, mostly because it's gentle going in and will be gentle if it comes back up.

    I would look for lethargy , acting exhausted, being uber fussy and dry diapers.

  12. Re: ...or as long as beneficial to both mom and child

    How did he get to be the top rated pedi with recomendations like that?

    If you don't want to rock the boat, lie.

    You don't need his approval, you are doing a great job.
  13. Re: Do you have a different nationality from your child? I need your help!

    I travel back and forth to Canada all the time with no issue. :shrug

    My son is is american and I am canadian , I carry his birth certificate and my green card, that's it.
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    Re: Every 3 OR 4 hours?

    I agree watch your baby not the clock.
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    Re: Breast affection...

    Owen is very affectionate to my breasts as well- he will ask to nurse then lay his head on my breast and hug it while smiling up at me and saying in the sweetest voice " booobooo" which is his word...
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    Re: Is this a phase?

    My son is doing this right now at 17 months- all of a sudden I can't eat dinner without him asking to nurse again. I think it's a milestone , he has been sleeping longer stretches , or like the PP...
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    Re: Help! new mom (2 week old)

    I just want to say it all sounds normal to me- nursing can have a big learning curve but it gets easier and you will be so comfortable and confident soon!

    Remember it's a relationship and any...
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    Re: I do love nursing my toddler...

    Owen who is 17 months old likes to share nursing with his toys too! I think it's adorable as well ! My favorite is how he says " Booboo" when I am lifting up my shirt, he sorta whispers it while...
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    Re: Throwing In The Towel

    My son was full term and for the first few weeks it was a battle. We called it the pregame show- he would fuss , I would cry for a good 10-20 minutes before he would get a good latch and then we...
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    Re: Suddenly nursing more

    From my experience it's normal, my LO went from sleeping through to waking a million times a night right around that age. I think it was a mix of developing so many things, starting to notice the...
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    Re: We've weaned

    :clap What an awesome accomplishment, and it sounded like he was so ready, yay for not a single tear!

  22. Re: 13 month old suddenly wanting to nurse ALL THE TIME!

    My 16 month old still nurses a ton so if you are worried it's not normal for a 13 month old to nurse a lot don't worry!

    That said if you want to limit nursing to evening and morning then I would...
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    Re: 11 month old done???

    Well I wouldn't guess he is done so much as he is choosing the bottle over the breast because the flow os faster and it doesn't scae him if he bites it. Is he teething?

    If you want him to be done...
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    Re: I Cant Take It Anymore Help !!!!


    some resources for weaning, I'd start there!
  25. Re: Anyone ever move long distance with a BF newborn?

    We moved from Seattle to San Francisco when Owen was 3 months. Not quite a newborn but he was still nursing like one:lol

    We drove and took our time, stopped ever 2 hours and packed it in for the...
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