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    Re: Weaned? A Little sad

    It's amazing how much a partner's opinion ends up mattering even when we don't agree with them.

    My DD was down to one session at bedtime (20 months) for over a month before I "tested" just...
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    Re: Was I starving my son?

    Way to go you for not giving in to the pressure! It's so tough to throw constant "is this normal?" second guessing out the window and go with your gut! Sounds like you did exactly the right thing...
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    Re: Heart broken, please help!

    Counter-intuitive, but this worked for my extremely fussy girl - I actually got her to suckle a pacifier to calm down and then pulled a fast one switching to breast. But as the LLL leader above...
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    Re: Hello and some thoughts

    Gloworm81 - at first (per everyone's advice) when my dd would bite (also around 8 months), I would have a really big reaction like "OUCH!! That HURT mommy! NO Biting!". Then I'd let her try again,...
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    Re: Pretty sure this isn't a bleb...

    Ok so I have had what I'm sure was a bleb - white spot just below the tip of the nipple, and serious engorgement up from that spot, which cleared after a long hot shower and manual expression.

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    Re: Can pumping volume increase?

    I would just say to not get too hung up on or worried about what you're seeng right now. The advice about adding a session is great. And lots of water.

    But just know that things change and in my...
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    Re: Thinking about bf after 12 months

    I recently had a woman tell me about how her daughter in law weaned her 2-year old because the little girl said "Mommy, your boobie milk is sooooo sweet!", and she thought "enough is enough".

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    Re: Need reassurance about pump weaning

    I was going to post something similar!

    My DD is 11 months. My production at the pump has never averaged much more than 1oz per hour I'm gone (9oz for 9 hours) which is produced over 4 pump...
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    Re: Production down when I'm ill?

    My AF came back!! that probably combined with my cold for not so good production. Doing better now. :)
  10. Re: Return to work - not keeping up with baby

    I will just add (not to sound like a broken record since I've posted this more than once) that a truly slow flowing nipple may be all you need.

    I struggle to get 1oz per hour of absence, and my DD...
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    Re: Pump selection

    Ok now I'm frustrated... I really appreciate the advice, and I took it. I went out over the weekend and rented a Medela Symphony and bought all the parts that go with it.

    I was really excited to...
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    Production down when I'm ill?

    Has anyone else noticed their production dropping a bit when you're ill?

    I pump while at work and have gotten reduced output and I (and my baby) have a cold. Wondering if it's related.

  13. Re: Oh, no! Weight Issues in 3 month old. Advice, please?

    You're making so many moms jealous right now!! I want to borrow some of your stash and your sleep!

    Have you tried block nursing to reduce your supply a bit? Feed on one side for up to several...
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    Re: Baby sleeps in crib and I feel bad

    This topic is makes me crazy. I feel guilty for not doing what my sister ans everyone else advises (CIO) - is my DD manipulating me?

    Bu I feel gut wrenching awful when she cries like that.

  15. Re: My milk supply has dropped off to almost nothing.

    I'm sure that's a terrible feeling!

    Almost surely the short answer is going to be keep nursing as much as you can!

    But for the experts (which is not me) to give you an answer they're going to...
  16. Re: Pumping info and maintenance questions

    I actually leave everything assembled and out (not even a rinse) between sessions at work. I just put the bottles into my cooler bag with an ice pack.

    I'm sure that wouldn't work for some people...
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    Pump selection

    I have a Medela Freestyle. I work full time and have to pump 4x per work day to keep up with demand. That gets me no more than 2 to 3 oz per session which is barely enough for a 9 hour absence.
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    Re: make more milk

    16oz min rule?! I'd question that for sure, though I'm sure they won't change it for you. It far exceeds the EBM min guideline of 1 to 1.5oz per hour you're away.

    I just pumped for 15 min and...
  19. Re: Need Advice - Leaving for 3 days 10 month old

    I like it Tracie. She'll eat yogurt even if she has refused every other solid food in my house!!
  20. Re: Need Advice - Leaving for 3 days 10 month old

    Thank you both for the replies. Yes - I have noticed that sometimes by the time I'm there for pickup, the DCP hasn't started the final bottle yet. DD seems fine (not fussy or starving)! Point...
  21. Re: Need Advice - Leaving for 3 days 10 month old

    PS - she's well above average size/weight, no issues with milk supply, no nipple confusion, takes a bottle well, is in extremely robust health, and enjoys solids very much.
  22. Need Advice - Leaving for 3 days 10 month old

    Really looking for some advice on how to bridge the gap here.

    Next weekend, I'll be leaving my DD with her (very beloved and trusted) daycare provider from at the longest Thursday morning through...
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    Re: Graduating

    Congratulations on your "graduation"!

    People's reactions can be so surprising! I am still shocked that my MIL (who was born in the 40s!) is so proud and supportive of my continued BFing my 10...
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    Re: First birthday!

    Congratulations and well done! I'm at 10 months and already starting to plan the party myself!
  25. Re: BF Autistic/Language Disordered 24m old- advice wanted

    I just have to say wow. I am so totally impressed with the strength of character I see in all you ladies. Your babies are so blessed to have you.
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