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  1. Ped tells SIL newborn is almost dehydrated?

    I'm trying to get help for my SIL who had a baby on Friday. He was fullterm and mostly healthy, but had to have oxygen for about the first 24 hours. Then he latched on just great!
    He went home with...
  2. Re: Where to rent a pump in Martinsburg, WV?

    Thank you all for your suggestions. I think she should be able to find one now.

    She isn't sure she will need one, but wants to be prepared. She knows my experience- my baby was a month...
  3. Where to rent a pump in Martinsburg, WV?

    My sister-in-law is going to give birth soon but can't find a place in her area to rent a hospital-grade Medela. Her hospital says they can't help her. Martinsburg is near Hagerstown, MD. Any ideas?...
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    To dump or to store

    I went away for two nights this past week, leaving my 8 month old for the first time! I pumped the whole time (and boy, did I have a lot to pump! And I had been worried I wouldn't have enough!)...
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    I'm sick :(. Sore throat, headache, sore body, slight fever. Is theraflu a bad idea for bfing? My son is four and a half months.
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    Re: forgot pump and paying for it

    Thanks guys.
    I'm feeling pretty good today and no lumps, but an occasional sharp shooting pain when I am NOT nursing.
    I use a Medela harmony that works great for me, so I ordered another one to...
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    forgot pump and paying for it

    I forgot my pump yesterday when I left for work :mad: and live an hour away from work so was stuck without it ALL day! I went EIGHT hours without pumping or nursing. I tried really hard to hand...
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    bad advice from ped?

    My 2 month old ds is EBF and has not had a bowel movement in over a week (just a few dime size smears). I have read over and over again that this is normal, but he has seemed so gassy, uncomfortable...
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    Is this possible??

    I went back to work on Monday and my little boy is at the sitter's house for 7-8 hours. I go nurse him at lunch but the rest of the day the sitter gives him EBM in a bottle. Here's the thing... my LO...
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    7 wk DS not eating enough?

    My 7 week old DS is exclusively fed bm (but b/c he had trouble latching and b/c i had to come back to work soon, dh has alwys given him a bottle of bm once a day or so to get him used to it, hasn't...
  11. breast too big, nipple too small?

    After a difficult start my 5 week old baby boy has been exclusively BFing for 3 weeks (was getting EBM before he "turned the corner" and figured nursing out). It's going pretty well, except that I...
  12. Re: 9 day old won't open mouth, no rooting

    Thank you all for your responses!
    Most of the time I can keep him awake with prodding. The bigger problem is his refusal to open up! He may open up enough to stick out his tongue and lick me but he...
  13. 9 day old won't open mouth, no rooting

    My baby was born at 36w1d and is now 9 days old. We have had basically no luck with nursing. He has latched on only 3 times: once with the help of an LC on Monday, finally for me last night for...
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    Re: clear bubble on nipple

    Not so great. The blister, which turned out to be water blisters, multiplied on both breasts but they don't last long before popping. They are the least of my problems now. After a week of offering...
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    clear bubble on nipple

    My baby was born tuesday and due to some prematurity we're having trouble (still hasn't latched on) so I've been pumping every three hours around the clock. My milk started coming in yesterday but I...
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