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  1. Are shorter feedings normal after 4 mo.?

    Aloha mamas, Iʻve been breastfeeding my little girl now for 4 1/2 months. She used to be a slow eater, spending 20-30 minutes or longer sometimes at each breast every 1-2 hours. In the past week, all...
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    Teething solutions?

    Aloha mamas, I am a first-time mom to a 3 1/2 month old little girl. Sheʻs always been a bit of a clamper on my nipple- good latch, but likes to bite down at times. Iʻm scared of her teeth coming in...
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    Re: Rash around nipples??

    Thank you for the reply, itʻs very helpful. I had a water homebirth to avoid medications, so I had none. Baby is doing great- very happy most the time, about 5 poops and 8 or so pees a day. When I...
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    Rash around nipples??

    Aloha mamas;

    Weʻve had one problem then another! I have a 9 week old girl Iʻm trying so hard to breastfeed when yesterday I noticed a red rash that looks just like a diaper rash around my nipples,...
  5. Re: Constant nipple pain...does it go away?

    Thank you for letting me know Iʻm not alone!

    I wonder sometimes if itʻs thrush, but I have no symptoms in her or me, and the pain only lasts the first few minutes of nursing then goes away....
  6. Constant nipple pain...does it go away?

    Aloha mamas,

    I have a 7-week old strong baby girl, and my poor flat, big nipples are in trauma every time we nurse. Iʻve met with a local LC who claims her latch is correct, but each time she...
  7. Re: Many problems, is it OK to supplement formula?..

    Thank you for the encouragement about her poop and pee output looking good! I am block feeding right now on only one breast, while waiting for the other one to heal. The nipple is cracked, bleeding,...
  8. Re: Many problems, is it OK to supplement formula?..

    In response to my first post, many thanks for the advice! I canʻt believe how quickly I got some answers.

    My little girl was 7lb 2 oz at birth, then 6 lb 11 oz at the first week (her lowest...
  9. Many problems, is it OK to supplement formula?..

    Aloha mamas;

    I am a new mother of a 3 1/2 week old girl who has had struggles at the breast since day one. Last week I finally got her to latch on, but it is incorrect (lots of nipple compression...
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