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    Re: putting parts in fridge ?

    A little spin on this question.... Do you have to refrigerate the parts throughout the day? Since BM is good for 10 hours at room temperature... shouldn't it be OK to just use a big Ziploc baggie for...
  2. What's your feeding schedule for DC while you're working?

    What is your feeding schedule like for DC when you're working? My DD is 6 months and we are still doing 3.5 - 4oz of BM in a bottle every 2-3 hours with 2 small servings of solids a day. I am getting...
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    Pumping while driving

    Just curious what everyone out there has to say about pumping while driving?
    Do you do it or would you consider it? If you do it, how? Tips, tricks?

    I tried once using my easyexpressions hands...
  4. Re: Back to work and pumping - supply issues??

    Thanks for the advice!

    That is similar to what I get for my first three pumpings. Do you find that is enough to cover your LO while you're at work? Here is a very rough sample of how...
  5. Back to work and pumping - supply issues??

    So this is my second week back to work full time. My daughter is 5 months old and she has been exclusively on breastmilk. Please bear with me as my questions might be sporatic. I am hoping some of...
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