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    Re: Is she getting enough?

    i know you are really worried - you are the mommy, but try not to be too worried about baby eating - 8 oz is a lot of solid food for baby - u may want to cut down a little and give more liquid -...
  2. Re: 11 month old not interested in finger foods

    hi! give things like piece of fruit, baby spoon, bowl to play with. he will figure it out! bol!
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    Re: less of an appetite in the evening..?

    hi! dd changes her schedule all the time. i agree if poopy output is A1, activity level during day is same & no fever, don't worry
  4. Re: Mommy's dehydrated and milk is disappearing!

    supply/demand milk ebbs/flows. it is normal to have these probs when sick. keep nursing/pumping during the nursing times even if nothing is coming out - in 24-48 hours you should be gtg with milk...
  5. Re: Moms-unable to maintain milk supply nursing 2-3 times per day?

    good news: milk supply increases/decreases with demand
    bad news: can sometimes take upto 48 hours to "get-it-going" be patient and try to pump/nurse at the same times everday, milk supply will fall...
  6. Re: Calling all exclusivly breastfeeding moms for at least 1 year

    the charts that docs use today for weight gain etc is based on studies done during the 50's & 60's - when use of formula was being pushed. the reality is in the US, not many docs know the weight gain...
  7. Re: urgency in urination/bowel movements - BF-ing hormones?!

    hi! i have the feeling of urination as soon as dd latches on to nurse - i think to a certain extent it has to do with bf. when dd sucks, the uterus contracts a bit which may result in the feeling. it...
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    Re: What is going on with my daughter?

    Stress does not affect the quality of your BM however, your mood does effect the baby. Try to be calm around her esp. during nursing times. Perhaps you can drink some calming tea while nursing, play...
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    Re: Help producing MILK!!!!!!

    The more you put the baby on the breast the more milk will be produced ... it may take a day or so. You can also try Mother's Milk the herbal tea. Best of Luck you can do it!
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    Re: Not making enough milk in the afternoons?

    My DD is about 5 mos old and I still have the problem where she nurses more in the evenings and sucks me dry or so I think ... my mom made me take her off the breast mid-feed and I saw that there was...
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    Re: HELP! Problems with a 6 wk old

    There are times (during the day especially) when I have strong let down. I will read your link and educate myself about it. I have noticed that she seems not to do the suck and smack when I nurse at...
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    HELP! Problems with a 6 wk old

    Hi All,
    My DD has me concerned. She has for the past 2 weeks started nursing in a very peculiar manner. It seems like she is sucking and then loosing the latch - this happens over and over again....
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