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  1. Exclusive pumper- milk is too low!!! :(

    I used to get about 30 ounces every 6 hours, now my son is 4 months old & I am getting 3 ounces every 6 hours. If I pump every 4, I still only make about 3. He is eating 4-6 ounces every 3 hours,...
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    Re: how many oz?

    FOr you first Q:
    I feed my 3 1/2 week old (& he was 3 weeks premature) 3 1/2-4 ounces each time of Expressed BM. He doesn't spit up. The Dr told me to use that to determine how much. If he spits...
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    Re: Pumping Questions

    Your baby sounds just like mine. Everything you are saying sounds normal- like my baby. He chokes a lot while eating (from a bottle). He is tiny, too, so not latching on.
    I warm my...
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    Re: How much milk is normal?

    I pump every 5-6 hours & get about 8-10 ounces each time.
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    thinking of exclusively pumping...

    My lo is 3 weeks old today & has only nursed 2 times. He was born tiny (4 1/2 pounds at 37 weeks- we knew that he would be, so they induced me early to get him growing "outside").
    Anyways- I am...
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    My baby was born small & now (8 days old) weighs about his birth weight- 4 lbs, 13 ounces. He was born at 37 weeks but had IUGR (interuteruine growth restriction) He is nursing/trying to nurse about...
  7. 4 pound baby having trouble latching. :( OVERWHELMED!!!

    My baby was born small & now (8 days old) weighs about his birth weight- 4 lbs, 13 ounces. He was born at 37 weeks but had IUGR (interuteruine growth restriction) He is nursing/trying to...
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    So- I just found that on the bottom of the nipple that hurts there is a "hole"/"tear" where the skin is broken. Ouch! Does thrush do this?
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    Re: Please help me & my baby!! :(

    I forgot to mention: my baby is 8 months now.

    So- the pain is just a soreness. It hurts to be touched- even by my shirt- ouch! One side hurts worse than the other & it just hurts towards the...
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    Please help me & my baby!! :(

    Ok- so for the first 5 months, my son was only breastfed & tripled his weight, then we added food & he LOVED it & ate so much, but still nursed about 6-8 times a day (but only for about 3-5 minutes,...
  11. Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

    My son has been eating solids for 2 1/2 mo. & is now wanting to eat more & more. He nurses for a short time about 6 times a day, but when he is really hungry (3 times a day), he fusses until he is...
  12. Re: still only getting 1 ounce when I pump...

    Thanks! Good idea- pump while he eats. Do they get distracted though? My baby plays with everything while he's eating (My hair, my shirt, his ears, ect...)
    I have also hand expressed into the...
  13. still only getting 1 ounce when I pump...

    Ok- When my baby was only a few months old, I could pump about 8 oz. on each side (or more, but I stopped there) every few hours. I had a TON of milk! Then, when I got him off of bottles (so that...
  14. Baby biting with his teeth & Pulling away! Ouch

    My son was a slow one to learn how to BF. It took us 6 weeks of going from bottle, to shield, to bare breast, but all along, when he was done, he clamps down and then pulls back. It never...
  15. Re: Solids- slowed weight gain (less nursing)

    What does hth mean? Also- I tried finger foods & he didn't like them at all! We tried cheerios & he mushed it around in his mouth with a face like "oh yuk!" haha. We laughed. He finally...
  16. Solids- slowed weight gain (less nursing)

    My son, 7 months yesterday (4 weeks premature), has been on solids since 5 months. Here is his schedule:
    5 am- nurse
    7 am- nurse
    9 am- cereal with 2 oz. EBM
    12- nurse
    2- 1 stage 2 baby food...
  17. started solids & now nursing less

    Hi. My son is almost 6 months. We started solids about 2 weeks ago & he LOVES it! He ate cereal for about a week, then we gave him mashed bananas instead for about 4 days. Then, we did cereal in...
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    Re: Rice cereal made baby sick

    I didn't notice the soy- but he does get an upset belly if I have a lot of soy or dairy. Thanks everyone. I will put it off for a little longer, then try something else. :)
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    Re: Just want to go out

    Hi. My DS is only 5 months, but we have the same problem- I wish I could help but just wanted to let you know that I understand. I'd like to go grocery shopping to more than one store, but it ends...
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    Rice cereal made baby sick

    My DS is now almost 5 months old & our Dr. told us to give him cereal 1 month ago. I waited because he was a preemie. Anyways- he is doing great. He has almost trippled his birth weight to...
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    Re: 2 Frustrating latching problems

    Hi. Try getting someone to help with the latch. When you are both doing it right, it stops hurting instantly. My nipples were very sore until someone showed me how to latch him on correctly & even...
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    Re: Weaning from nipple shield...

    This was happening with me, too, until I went to a LLL meeting & learned how to have my baby latch on correctly. It stopped hurting instantly! I would suggest seeing someone to make sure he doesn't...
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    Re: sleeping habit

    hi. I was having the same problem & my husband & I didn't want him to co-sleep with us. Here's how I got through it. This was a 3 day process: I would let him get sleepy (yawn) & then put him into...
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    Re: She's constantly straining!

    I'm so glad you asked that. My baby does the same thing. I worry too!! I thought it was due to his relux, then the Dr. said that "pooping scares them" & they try to hold it in? My baby seems like...
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    nurses for only 3-5 min.

    Hi. My baby has just weaned off of the nipple shield, but he is only nursing for about 3-5 minutes & then spitting up a ton (out of his nose, ect...). He is on prevacid for the reflux, but I am...
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