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  1. Re: I left cooked beans in the pot all night

    Please be careful what you talk about if you arent sure. People can get scared for no reason. Botulism is caused by clostridium botulinum which is found naturally in the soil. It only grows in...
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    Re: Question for BLS-ers

    I wouldnt worry about it. DD is 13 months and has been feeding herself from the beginning. We have gone through many phases. At 6 months she grabbed the spoon and fed herself, now she wont do it. She...
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    Re: Toddler BF article by Dr Newman

    These things are tricky and in science nothing is ever really proven. Really it is always "the preponderance of the evidence suggests...". That being said, the mechanism of protection by breastmilk...
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    Re: breakfast- 1 yr old

    DD is 12 mo this weekend. She weighs 17.5 lbs. She will eat two handfulls of O's (about 1 cup) + two egg yolks + 1/2 cup oatmeal/yogurt etc

    She can really put it away. She was slowing down on her...
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    Re: when to start beans?

    We have dones beans since about 9 months and chicken pieces since about 8 months. If the beans are soft you shouldnt worry about choking. We didnt do BLS, but DD has been eating chunks since about...
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    Re: At what point do I...

    It is really up to you, if you give them less solids they will eat more BM. Some here go several years :)

    At least a year is what the AAP is saying now though. We are doing 5-6 full feedings/day...
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    Re: 16 months old, 16.5 pounds


    That is a good short article on kellymom about calories in breastmilk
  8. Re: 11 months old and still won't eat solids!

    It isnt worth it to force food on your baby. It will make her dislike it more and stress you out. Breastmilk is by far the most nutritious food for babies as it has exactly the right mix of nutrients...
  9. Re: What age was your LO able to pincer grasp?

    Like another said, I think 8 months to pick up cheerios. Barely pincer at 6 months
  10. Re: Solid Introduction to an 8 month old

    We started with BLS at 6months, I warned DW that DD would probably gag. When she did, DW couldnt stand it so we went to purees instead. For every new food she made the gross face. DD loved food from...
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    Re: Inexperienced in the kitchen..

    It turns out that cooking isnt that hard! There are just a few types of meat,veggies and sauces that you combine in different ways. Get a betty crocker cookbook as they go into the basics of how to...
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    Re: trouble balancing solids and BF

    DD is 10 months and nurses 6 times/day from both sides each time. She loves solids and stuffs her face so fast these days. What specifically are you worried about if DS chooses to go for solids over...
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    Re: Doesn't seem to like solids

    We started DD at 6 months as well. She made the disgusted face the first time she tried anything. Now at 9 months, she will pretty much eat anything. She usually is stuffing something in her face...
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    Re: Tongue Thrust Reflux

    Our DD eats a ton of solids and has since 6 months. She was born at 5%, was at 5% when we started solids and is still at 5% at 9 months. Im not worried about it at all. My point is the solids didn't...
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    Re: Yogurt making hints, cheese-making... was: yobaby yogurt?

    heating (boiling) for long enough kills all bacteria, desireable and undesireable, and that by definition is sterlization. Pasteurized milk has been heated to the point where the bacterial counts are...
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    Re: pics of first solids ...

    DD did the same thing at 6 months. We tried everyday. We started day 1 with avocado and she didnt really like it. On day two we tried banana and she loved it. As long as we stuck to sweeter foods at...
  17. Re: scared to try chunks - how do you know?

    DD is 8mo and doesnt really have pincer grasp. I have seen her do it, but generally she can only hold things with her fist. When we give her a banana we generally give her half a banana and she just...
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    Re: New to BLS please advise

    we started feeding dd at 6 months and she was doing what you described when sitting. She also started shoving the spoon in her mouth right away. We tried BLS but then moved to mostly purees with some...
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    Re: Constipated

    DD (8 months) recently started to get constipated. At first we werent sure what it was because there were lots of times she didnt poop for 4 days. But she started to grunt and then cry. She seemed...
  20. Re: SO confused - when to speed things up?

    we are at 8 months and dont follow that rule. The only thing she doesnt get is fish, shell fish because mommy is allergic to shrimp and dairy because mommy read in a book that she had to wait.

  21. Re: poops and toots after starting solids.

    We got tons of diaper rashes, really nasty ones, almost ulcerating. We have to be extremely fastidious about cleaning up. We use wipes, then use a wet washcloth, then pat dry, followed by boudreauxs...
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    Re: question about cooking chicken

    DD is 8 months, sometimes we chop it up in a food processor until it is very tiny pieces. Then mix it in with other things like sweet potatoes. Sometimes we cut it into strips that she can gnaw on....
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    Re: Introducing new foods

    The main reason is so that if they do have a reaction, from being constipated all the way to allergies, you can isolate which food it is. For the most part you will be fine to do what you are doing....
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    Re: baby led solids

    Most people would probably say 1-2 days, but really any wet food if it has been cooked to the point of being sterilized will last 4-5 days in the fridge.

    We prefer to puree a bunch though and...
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    Re: when to increase # of meals?

    We are probably always behind what DD is ready for because she is changing so fast. Grabbing the spoon is advanced and that is good. We fed 1 time a day at 6 months and quickly moved to 2. We do two...
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