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  1. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    Cardboard is Isabella's delicacy of choice :)

    I'm not ready to wean, but, apparently my pregnant body is... In my prime of pumping, I was getting 80+ ounces a day. I'm down to 15-20 ounces....
  2. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    Thank you all for the support -- and great information! I will get to reading the suggested books right away. Thus far, Dr. Sears has acted as our instruction manual :)

    I've also just introduced...
  3. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    Just wanted to send an update -- and vent!!! At 3 1/2 months pregnant, my milk supply is quickly going away. Even the freezer stash is down to a week or so left. Out of concern that Isabella will...
  4. Re: Would You Choose Throw Up or Soy Milk?

    I gave the LO about an once of soymilk last night... I will have to watch closely. She was very fussy last night and woke up every half hour for the first 3 hours of "sleep". That poor child had...
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    Re: Another funny nursing moment...

    I don't know... Can you remember life before kids? Seems like a total blur and I'd never want to go back :)
  6. Re: Would You Choose Throw Up or Soy Milk?

    She is still refusing to eat any solids... We are going to get her evaluated by an early intervention eating specialist. For a very long time I've felt she's just not ready. With my milk quickly...
  7. Would You Choose Throw Up or Soy Milk?

    So here's the issue... I exclusively pump for my 1 year old. She still refuses solids so she relys on me pumping. I am 10 weeks pregnant and my milk supply is going down. I supplement with my freezer...
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    Re: What should I tell them?

    In my immediate office, 5 out of 5 employees are women. The rest of the work force is 98% men. I've been pumping at work for a year now and I have always said one of two things:

    1. A mothers work...
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    Re: Crying over spilled milk...

    I tell my husband -- whoever coined hte expression "Don't cry over spilled milk" never had to pump...
  10. Re: Me again! - SICKY BABY ALL DAY - getting me down

    My LO projectile vommited until... hmmmm... yesterday... and she just turned one. The doctor said she had reflux at 2.5 months. But, within the last 3 months, I've figured out she is HIGHLY sensitive...
  11. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    It is the PERFECT time for food introduction... The farmer's market has started and we started receiving our weekly CSA "yield" (as my husband call it :)).

    While we are going to continue to work...
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    Re: Another funny nursing moment...

    After pumping, my LO tries to plug the tubing back in... to my nipples :)
  13. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    That's a great point about making sure there is variety... I typically only serve 1-2 items because, I'm still in the mind frame that I have to introduce solids one at a time to determine if there...
  14. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    Just wanted to mention that I appreciate ALL the advice... We are trying to do what's best for our LO. sometimes people mention things that should be common sense, that I never would have thought of...
  15. Re: Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    Thank your for all the advice... There have been feeding problems with Isabella from the beginning. We were never able to get a successful latch, so, I've been pumping for over a year now. We have...
  16. Re: Do I HAVE to start solids for more iron intake?

    Our 1 year old still refuses solids, so, she exclusively gets breast milk. At her one year appt, her iron levels were fine -- no supplement needed.

    She is on the smaller side for weight, but,...
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    Re: Cheerios?

    We use (organic) Oatie-Os... Although thus far, our 1 year old just feeds them to the dogs :)
  18. Speeding up the Baby Led Solids Process?

    My 1 year old is still exclusively on breastmilk - by her choice. She never wanted any purees and still refuses to eat solids. Over the last couple of months, we have put food on her tray and let her...
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    Re: How much milk is normal?

    I pump every 4 hours and get 8-12 oz each session. The mornings are usually up to 15-18 oz (which has gone down from my previous 25!!!) The thing is, my Lo is 1 and still refuses solids, so, even at...
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    Re: thinking of exclusively pumping...

    Despite being a week and a half late and a full 9 pounds, my daughter would not open her mouth either... I have exclusively pumped since her birth just over a year ago. I took her to a chiropractor...
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    Re: Frustrated! Pump volume depleting!

    Same thing happened to me... It felt like I still had milk even after I had pumped for 20 minutes and nothing more was coming out. What worked for me... I hand expressed for 5 minutes after using the...
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    Re: Output decrease since back to work

    I exclusively pump for my one year old (we never got a latch). If I do not pump regularly, my supply decreases. I recently went from pumping 6 to 5 times a day. There were a couple days I only pumped...
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    Re: 11 mo not interested!

    My lo just turned 1 and won't eat any solids... I'm not worried. I really believe she'll eat them when she's ready. A friend made a great comment -- "I wouldn't worry about it, she'll learn to eat, i...
  24. Re: how many ounces of pumped milk and other questions

    I have exclusively pumped for the last 11 1/2 months -- and have had thrush 90% of the time. I was treated with diflucan, and several creams (which I've forgotten the names of). My daughter has never...
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    Re: Pressure to quit?

    I have found my inspiration! You are amazing.... There are many times where I think with dread "I have to go pump now...." Still pumping every 3-4 hours and it does get tiresome. I am happy to hear...
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