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  1. Re: exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    It could be that she's not as hungry first thing in the morning. Some children just aren't. How old is she?

    One idea that came to mind as I was reading your situation was a method of bottle...
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    Re: How much?

    It's a highly variable thing depending on baby, mom, mom's milk supply, baby's temperament, hunger at the time of feeding, age, time of day, the phase of the moon...(ok, I made that last bit up!) :)...
  3. Re: Baby Won't Take my Milk from Bottle - HELP!

    Hi Andrea -

    There have been a few recent threads in the Working and Breastfeeding forum about this exact topic, you may find some helpful hints in here:
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    Re: Pump Question(s)

    Good luck with your decision to find a better quality pump. I'll be interested to hear your results. Also by way of information, lactation consultants generally have pumps available for rental that...
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    Re: pumping from saggy breast

    If you were able to hand express 3 oz, have you considered just continuing to hand express? Some moms find that hand expression is more effective for them than pumping. The key, as with pumping, is...
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    Re: Pumping with Thrush?

    I'm sorry you're dealing with thrush just as you were going to start pumping. How frustrating! As Mary's link points out, while you can feed freshly pumped milk to a baby during a thrush outbreak,...
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    Re: warming expressed milk

    I'm sorry to have missed this - I think something was wrong w/my computer as today I'm noticing all sorts of messages I have missed!

    At any rate, I think the answers to your questions are here on...
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    Re: Technical Question....

    Those are great questions! Many of them are answered in this article here:

    Which includes a list of references. You might want to dig...
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    Re: Building up stored supply

    One quick way to save some pumped milk is to figure out a plan for how to feed baby when he's hungry and you're out and about. I know many moms here have figured out creative ways to accomodate...
  10. Re: Pumping troubles- lump after pumping

    It sounds like the pump is not adequately draining that part of the breast, at least from the way you describe it. I would definitely look into a different size breast shell. Another trick you might...
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    Re: getting started

    If you're going to be pumping only for occasional outings without baby, it's a good idea to wait until the thrush clears up. If you were going to be separated from baby on a daily basis and using...
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    Re: Lots of frozen milk

    Hi there! It's definitely best to feed baby the freshest milk possible. Most moms use that frozen milk as the emergency backup milk, or use frozen on Monday (depends on your refrigerator, but some...
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    Re: Drop in milk supply?

    A lot of moms find that at some point their supplies dip. I'm interested to hear what other working moms have found works. I have heard it referred to as "the sixth month slump" - but my personal...
  14. Re: Need HELP - Manual AVENT works, Pump in Style does not

    I'm sorry you're having such troubles. :( It can be really demoralizing to have problems pumping when you're separated from baby. I wanted to offer a few more ideas to see if you thought these might...
  15. Re: pumping while nursing the other breast

    Hi Anne -

    Another leader/mod chiming in with a little additional information. Your supply is naturally at its highest point in the morning, which would explain your fullness and the leaking. It...
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    Re: work clothes--what do you wear?

    It's not shallow to wonder what the heck to do with these postpartum bodies we have! :) It's a constant challenge, I'll admit (even 2 yrs later! Everything seems to be in a different place, LOL.)
  17. Re: Pumping with "Whisper Breast Pump" ?

    The reports I have seen about this pump indicate that it works well for some women (anectdotally about 50%) but because there aren't different sized "flanges" for the pump, it does not work for some...
  18. Re: working nightshift and need sleep...

    Hi Amy -

    Have you seen LLL Dawn's reply in this thread?

    She mentions in it a great resource, a paper written by International...
  19. Re: How does Avent ISIS IQ Duo Compare to PIS Medela?

    Whenever you experience problems with output decreasing while using a pump, it's worthwhile to investigate the pump for wear or damage. The valves between sections of the pump can become worn and...
  20. Re: Questions about exclusively pumping

    Hi Carmen's Mommy,

    While it seems like babies need for milk grows exponentially in the early days, in reality it starts to level off after a few weeks and from there the actual quantity of...
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    Re: Sick Co-workers

    I am sorry that people are coming to work sick and making you sick as a result. :( I am one who tends to get sick when people near me get just a sniffle, I'm a virus magnet. It's really...
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    Re: really discouraged!

    I am sorry I wasn't able to get to this in the last few days. There have been some great suggestions here. I wanted to add a few more. I apologize if they're old news for you -

    - pump first thing...
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    Re: Success w/Avent hand pump

    Hi and welcome! You're doing a great job working to meet your baby's needs by pumping when you are separated. It is not uncommon to see a variation in production from day to day, even breast to...
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    Re: Pumping Difficulty

    Thanks, Beth, that clarified things a lot.

    The thing that first crossed my mind in reading this is that when a mom is separated from her child at a time when he/she might normally nurse, it's...
  25. Re: Pumping in a Bathroom... funny story

    Well if we're telling funny stories...

    I was pumping in a work bathroom one time (there was a mother's room on another floor but it was too far away from me for that day). Someone came in, heard...
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