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    Re: about to deploy

    I agree with replacing a feeding slowly at this point and since you are leaving (I could not imagine how you are feeling) I would choose to spend the time with my LO rather than "making" a freezer...
  2. Re: Exclusively pumping - what is most you get?

    Wow! I only pump out usually 4 oz. on right and 3 oz on left in the morning. Usually the rest of the day I am at 2 oz. on each side. Works out for me b.c she gets 4oz. bottles 3x's a day and that...
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    Re: Is 2nd time easier?

    Oh my it was so much easier for me with the 2nd then the 1st. Mostly right off the bat b/c I knew that it got easier with time and practice this time so i did not spend most of my time whining about...
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    Re: need to go back to work-please help

    I just came back to work 2 weeks ago and pumping is going great. I pump 3x's (sometimes) 4x's a day for 15-20 minutes. I usually pump out 4-6oz each time I pump. (Usually 9am, noon and 3pm). Caitlin...
  5. Hello to everyone ~ New here and just wanted to say Hi.

    Hi. My name is Christine. I live in Jersey.Married for 4 years to my hubby (who I met online) we have a 22 month old girl Ashley Jane and Caitlin Marie made her entrance 10 weeks ago. Looking...
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    Re: Crying while Nursing

    I found that when my 10 week old is pulling on and off and starting to cry that she has a gas pocket and burping the little cutie and starting again seems to work.
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