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    Re: 6 month olf baby feeding every 2 hours

    I don't know if it's normal or not, but my son did the same thing. Those were some hard times. We would co-sleep so I didn't have to get up and down all night long but it was still hard for me to...
  2. Re: Nipple pain, many issues, seeking suggestions

    I do not have any experience w/ the shield, but I have a ton of experience with the necessity of pumping :) I pumped after every feeding from about 2-6 weeks in order to supplement my son & get his...
  3. Re: Number of feedings and how when do they decrease?

    I agree w/ the previous poster. It used to feel like all we did was nurse, but as my son has gotten older, he's gotten much quicker. (he is 7 months now) I truly have no idea how many times he...
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    Re: Pumping one breast and feeding off other.

    I know that nipple confusion happens, but I just wanted to add that I started giving my baby a bottle of EBM after every single feeding at 14 days old. We did this for a solid month (he dropped a...
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    Nipple Fit in Pump

    I'm wondering exactly how the nipple is supposed to fit inside the shield. Is the whole nipple (areola included) supposed to kind of smush up/shrink & fit inside the tube? That is what mine does &...
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    Re: Help baby keeps losing weight

    I had a similar situation when my baby was 3 weeks old. We saw a lactation consultant for roughly 3 weeks and managed to get my DS to gain weight at an appropriate weight. Initially, we "overfed"...
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